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NES/Famicom Appreciation Thread

Was playing Pirates! this weekend. Scored a 100 (King's Advisor) off an old save I had from back in the day.

I hope I'm not talk to the walls here =(

Incidentally with xbox now able to play the original xbox version got me thinking about this game again.

Got it boxed up somwhere in the loft.

I love the open nature of it but find every version of the game hard going..
What would you say are good tips for the series in general.
I don't like the fact you age but then again its a pirate simulator in a sense.


The Chuck Norris of Peace
One of the best threads on gaf for my favorite console ever. Was particularly awesome participating in the monthly game club when we did those :(


I picked up a nes zapper and some light gun games this weekend. Gumshoe, Hogans Alley and wild gunman.

Been on a bit of a light gun bender myself lately, though more ps1/ps2. Got 'the real arcade' light gun in a bundle and it's the coolest light gun I've ever used.

I haven't played many on nes outside of duck hunt. Always thought Punisher would have been cool with a light gun, but that doesn't support it right?
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