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Cringe Netflix The Witcher is nothing but pigheaded white male supremacist fantasy and I’m triggered!!


Expansive Ellipses
Staff Member
May 30, 2004
I’m shocked this is sitting at 57 percent on RT for critic score

this season is awesome

why is getting panned?

It has well written strong females
It has well written strong males
It has well cast diversity
It has something for everybody?

I just don’t get it. I love it. Love it.
Critics haven’t played the games or read the books, so they presumably have no idea what’s going on.


Jun 14, 2019
Critics haven’t played the games or read the books, so they presumably have no idea what’s going on.
It's also not that good as people are making it out to be. I have several issues with it as well though I'll admit it's still a good show. Could be better.


May 17, 2012
The show has some flaws but I really enjoyed it. The edgelords on the internet who are shitting up and down on this show I have a question for you. What the hell TV shows are you watching that literally every single show that comes out is never good enough for you? It is usually the same people. Do you just sit and watch the first few seasons of The Wire and that's it?


Sep 17, 2012
I'll only watch it if it features Polish filmmakers, actors and language. Screw Netflix


Mar 23, 2018
I dunno why people are upset that people don't like it.

Story doesn't make much sense. all the side actors are straight up garbage. The poland story and witcher that is riddled with black people breaks the entire immersion of the place they are in. The tons of races like elves / dragons etc makes it not believable even remotely and a shitty version of lord of the rings.

GCI is extremely bad at times specially the starter episode just feels like really bad straight to TV cgi and its riddled with this.

To long, to much story that never goes anywhere. Endless sex scenes that i couldn't care for to make it feel edgy, atleast in got they where tolerable here they are straight up annoying.

The height of the series was yennefer but died also directly after it by not giving her any worthwhile script. The mage department was a great start up, but became comically bad when they fought that war. That chick trying to cast some shitty cgi wood on a door and got stabbed like "really?" and they going to change the war fucking lol. Even my grandmother is better at fighting then those turds.

Series need a new director, bigger budget. Go back to polish roots on cast and start to adopt a more interesting story that makes sense to people, the wooden forest made no sense at all. with the absolute horrible lightning also in it.

Yennifer and that main actor witcher are the only one that do a ace job, but even that with a bad script, shitty cgi, bad actors, to long episodes, sex scenes. Can't safe the series even remotely.

I yet have to see the 8th episode however after the last two episodes i hoenstly couldn't bother anymore. Probably will watch the next series a episode or two to see if they did some changes. I highly doubt it tho.


Jun 14, 2019
I dunno why people are upset that people don't like it.
You should check out The Witcher fan page on Facebook.

The show has already attracted a pretty sizable SJW following after just one season. God forbid if you dislike the casting of some characters because they'll accuse you of being an alt right racist. Nevermind if you some well reasoned arguments, they won't see their precious new woke show critiqued by incels.

I got so sick of it that I quit.

Stiflers Mom

Apr 27, 2012
I am up to the 4th episode, and it really feels disjointed.
I guess I just hate shows that try to do that 'different timelines'-twist bullshittery. It's just confusing for a lot of episodes for that little 'aaah'-moment where you realize what's happening.
That said, I like the actors and kind of how some scenes are set up. I just wished it wouldn't feel like such a mess just for the sake of that stupid timeline twist.