New Assassin's Creed game (Victory, now Syndicate) to be revealed on May 12th


I wanted to dominate the living room. Then I took an ESRAM in the knee.
The franchise fatigue is real.

But the setting looks really cool. Will buy again. Hope that this game releases in a better shape than Unity.
Nah, no cross-gen. The footer on the site is the same on every page of the AC website, even on the ACU page -- which wasnt crossgen.


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Co-op was just not the same ;-;
Most wanted setting for me and I even enjoyed some of Unity it was rough as the first AC in performance so hopefully this ends up as AC2 quality jump
I liked the direction Unity took in tems of mission design, but man they'll have to prove they can execute on it this time before I even consider buying it. And get some better writers.


I wanted to dominate the living room. Then I took an ESRAM in the knee.

Thought Ubisoft was done with mature titles on the WiiU?
This is a standard footer that they use on all Assassin's Creed pages throughout the site, including the pages about Unity. It's not a statement about the next game. It appears to refer to older games on these systems, which are also mentioned on that site.
Ok, the basics:

- Kill the ridiculous and useless "huge crowds" thing.
- Kill co-op. It didn't work, it wasn't creative, and it simply wasn't fun. Keep iterating on the interesting and creative multiplayer the series was building on before.
- A better map. The scale of Paris was often impressive, but the actual meat and potatoes of the level design itself was rote, safe, and boring.
- The combat was somehow more awful than ever. Revamp it completely (and I do mean COMPLETELY) again, or just go back to the simple stuff it had before.
- Whether through input lag or just plain wonky controls, the up/down new method of parkour did not work well. Scrap it or rework it.

There is a LOT that I need to see before I give this game a chance. Even at $12 AC Unity was a colossal disappointment.
Seems strange to make this cross-gen. Unity was for PC, Xbone and PS4 only, but then they did have Rogue for X360 and PS3 that year. Maybe they'll reveal two games again; this time both with the same setting.
Something to note is that this is the splash page for the official Assassin's Creed website and the platforms listed on the bottom are there for all platforms Assassin's Creed games have been on. It's not specific to Victory.
After Unity I just dont know if I could trust Ubi anymore.

Loved Black Flag and for that reason Im curious as to what this one will look like and the gameplay.