New Banjo Kazooie site launches


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You got me to download silverlight to see a spinning puzzle piece and "coming soon"?

You are either a dirty viral or a dirty whore... or both

Now that I have silverlight installed I want netflix to start using it so I can "watch it now" on my mac :p
Anyone else think this game is never coming out? Rare should have diverted all of their attention to making this instead of the fluff crap they've been putting out.


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laesperanzapaz said:
keep your non-gaming business out of my gaming! Don't force gamers to install your unproven, worthless shit just to view a promo website!
this is MS's flash.

better get used to it for all MS related websites.

methodman said:
I don't have my hopes up. Rare is like the George R.R. Martin of the gaming world except not nearly as good at what they do.
i dunno, the original banjo 1+2 team is behind this(correct me if wrong) so i am not worried about it.
Fio said:
As if flash wasn't bad enough.
If you will indulge me I'll just put my pro-silverlight hat on.

We do a lot of UI rapid prototyping in windows presentation foundation (which silverlight is a subset). Then we do the actual games using scaleform, which is flash implementation for Direct3D, GL, etc.

I can say with absolute conviction that WPF is *much* better api for developing UIs.*
All our internal project tools are WPF. It's just a hell of a lot better.

*yes I know silverlight is a lot more limited right now, but 2.0 will significantly improve things.

Of course just like flash there will be a period where developers go 'oooh shiny!' and use it just for the sake of it. It won't be till the end of the year (or the olympics) till we see sites actually really exploit it.
Kruhex said:
It's coming out the day Duke Nukem Forever comes out. In the meantime, Rare has to work hard in producing "Furry racers 2k8" and a platformer for 4 year olds.
Banjo is MS's kids game. Viva Pinata was not for kids, and neither was PD2. Kameo is the kiddiest game Rare has put out on the 360, but it was in development since the Gamecube days.
1) I have no idea what a Silverlight is;
2) No way am I installing it because I arbitrarily deem it a piece of shit;
3) Banjo's new design sucks donkey balls etc etc etc...