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New Batman Game Reveal Tomorrow??


are in a big trouble
WB and DC retweeted this

The link to the website on the profile bio reveals the image below

The message says "We have been expecting you" with a date 8/18

We many only get a teaser or just a name because DC Fandome is this weekend
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I'm tired of these kind of reveals now, lol. The whole cryptic ARG or something related was cool when it wasn't played out. Just show us!


Cautiously optimistic. Hopefully it doesn't try to shoehorn every Batman character ever into its story like the Arkham games.


I'm in. I'm of the opinion that Origins was the second best Batman game after City, so I have high hopes for Montreal. Especially after how long they spent making this one. Origins was pumped out quicker and reused tons of assets from City if I remember correctly. I'm excited to see what they're capable of.


Indeed. At least a real one. I do believe the first Lego Batman game is based on good ol' Mr. Underwear here.
Yeeeeeah... not Lego. Some "serious" AAA game, fun (not childish or stupid) writing, action and silly investigations.

I think it would be the


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Does anyone think this is a good way to announce this game?

Or, like me, are you finding all of this a little sad and desperate?

Just... announce your Batman game with a trailer, you over-reaching nerds.


They so overdone it that I've lost interest long time ago, I'll just watch the reveal trailer once it's out.
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