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New comparison video of TLOU I from Naughty Dog


Because it is a cheap cash grab?
Because a release before the show?
Because it a full price engine test?

They didn’t even bother to bring the gameplay up to match Part2 hiding behind the ridiculous (faithful) excuse so they don’t have to put the effort to actually build the game from the ground up for that gameplay. Basically you’ll end up with a remake with worse gameplay than the previous product, which defeat the purpose of a damn remake ,as it is supposed to fix/improve the most important thing about a game which is the gameplay.

This game is the definition of low risk/high reward. Using same voice acting, same gameplay, recreating scenes shot-by-shot so creativity out the window. Worst come to worst they can push it for the new PS+ or justify its cheap lazy existence as a product for the TV show audience.
Well said.

What bugs me the most is that it was ND that wasted 2 years of their time on this instead of spending that time upgrading that engine to support next gen tech like ray tracing, mesh shaders, machine learning AI and new destruction physics and other simulations. 2 crucial years POST LAUNCH. They had already had a late start shipping a game in the last year of the gen, and what do they do? They waste 2 more years on another last gen game? One without ray tracing? Even Cyberpunk, Spiderman, Ratchet, Metro and several other third party games were able to add ray tracing to their games 2 years ago.

Maybe they have another team working in the background on upgrades to the engine, but I dont see why those improvements couldnt have been added to this game. The ICE Team is stationed in ND's headquarters and they dont design games. They simply work on the engine. Why didnt they get a head start on the PS5 tech in 2018? Let alone have something ready by 2022? I could understand ND devs and artists being forced to take this on because Neil was busy with his tv show and couldnt come up with a new game for them to work on, but the ICE team? Whats their excuse? If they saw this cheap support studio struggling with porting all the changes to the PS5 then why didnt they step in?

I bet TLOU Factions also runs on this same dated engine. They will make excuses like 'oh we wanted to target 60 fps'. Their real next gen game is probably 3-5 years away.


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You know what's really funny? Seeing people who endlessly bitch about how much this game costs in recent double and triple-dipping threads. Very meta.
Or sticking up for a 2 hour game (that is a 2 year old remaster) saying it's only $20. But $70 for 20+ hours... much too much, fam.

I just did the math with the cost per hour and... that was a lie.
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You want them to change the voice actors?
Add new lines, improved acting scenes, new recordings etc. You know things a 70$ game would bother to do. Not a literal copy and paste.
Nope, completely new AI with improved combat and exploration.
We've seen the leaked footage. It is the same brain dead AI with Ellie running in the line of fire like a maniac and "improve combat and exploration" is bullshit marketing that doesn't mean what you think it means.
Yep, absolutely nothing has been changed here

Yeah, very different. Not shot by shot recreated scenes at all:

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