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New Danganronpa V3 featured in Famitsu this week


Oh, so Famitsu's Twitter account is actually going to post live updates.

...They could have just streamed this thing. First update seems to talk about producer Yoshinori Terasawa making an appearance, followed by Haruka Ishida of that AKB48 thing who played Chihiro in the stage play. And Aya Uchida who voiced Komaru in DR:AE. And Kodaka's there too and other people.


"High-speed reasoning action" seems to be a theme for the class trials in V3.


That's definitely an older

Yeah, I think I might have been utterly wrong in what role I assumed AE would have for DR3. Unless they just share very similar features.

Edit: Apparently they're teasing another "big announcement."


Looking at the pics...they've gone totally sci fi

This is good, give me crazy. Let's see if they can surpass DR2 lol


Oh yeah, also 2016 confirmed for Danganronpa V3. That wasn't known before.

I can make a new thread about all this after it's over.
So the anime will tie up plot threads from the other games, and the game will be it's own thing?

I'd guess that's what they're doing.


Wait, so it's not an entirely new setting? Huh.

Nothing much has been confirmed other than the returning characters for the anime, but the entirely new setting was about V3, the game. I bet the anime is where they could shove in all the hard ties to the previous games and works in the series, which would then tie into the "New" story that is V3.

PK Gaming


-Not feeling the protag design but I suppose he might wow me in practice. A robot is a far cry from the "ordinary" protagonists we've had before, and they'll probably do interesting things with him

-Monoca's back, but i'm 99% sure she won't factor as the main antagonist. Probably one of the students

-I hope the anime tie-in has a decent director


Forgot about this, actually (even though I made the original topic...)

Anime is confirmed to take place after SDR2 (duh) and be the "conclusion" to the Hope's Peak storyline. Features Naegi, Asahina, Kirigiri, Hagakure, PV showed off scenes meant to bring Jabberwock Island to mind. Kodaka thinks it'll satisfy fans of the series, and says it uses tricks that can only be done in anime.
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