New Destiny Site Launches - Lots of new footage and info

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Wow, impressive use of <video> and WebM, Bungie! THis may be the first embedded, autoplaying video slider I've ever seen.

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Well I'm going to buy the game anyway, so sure, I'll pre order for access to the beta.

Game looks phenomenal.

Also, the last game for which I got in early via beta was Halo 3 multilayer beta :D
I've already said this...but I'm getting a PS4 just for this game. I've bought into the hype.

The videos have just been o.k. imo, but the setting is 100% a seller for me.
I'm avoiding spoilers, but I need to know: is there any new PvP info?
No, title is a bit misleading as there really isn't all that much "new" info. Mostly stuff we already know just in a better website.

Edit: Unless I'm missing some crucial part of the site that divulges a bunch of new information.

Edit2: Confirms the beta is coming in the summer but I think most had assumed that already.


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beautiful site. love the little gameplay tease of the speeder bike traversal. cant wait.
Yea I could sit and watch the backgrounds all night. This game just can't get here soon enough. I fear for my school work. Going back to college this fall to finish up a degree I never finished and I see this taking a lot of my study time.
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