New Far Cry: Blood Dragon box art leaks, is greatest box art ever [SCREENS IN OP!]

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This is such an awesome idea. I cannot wait, it's practically my dream game.

Also possibly a great commentary on how little video games have progressed presentation-wise, :lol. The overindulgent self-aware 80's vibe will probably quash any and all "but I killed so many dudes" narrative problems.
This screen is definitely out in the open:
it looks weird. Like the draw distance is pretty crap/doesnt look like you could get there

it's probably what you're saying with the whole filter thing, considering that it looks like there's a usable jeep there.

I hope
Maybe it's 4-player coop thingy like FC3 multiplayer? I would be into that.
It would bum me out. Although if it's a stand alone XBLA release I doubt it'll be an entire open world, the thing that made FC3 such fun was the emergent gameplay. A corridor shooter would be pretty disappointing.
I've been listening to powerglove and the recommended artists in the last page all day. I had no idea that this type of 80's music was still a thing. So damn good, I hit the jackpot. Thanks guys.
Holy shit lol

This should be a full title. This should be FAR CRY 4: CYBERVERSE APOCALYPSE or some other cheesy 80s style sci-fi title

Fucking HOT logo
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