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New FFVII Remake interview - multipart, changeable party, Dissidia battle speed


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Aug 17, 2009
Thanks to DXLelouch153

heres more i stole

Nomura: VII in one work would turn into a digest. We judged that the remake must be full volume, so we decided to make [VII] multi-part.

Nomura: A subtitle for the VII remake would give the impression of a spin-off or sequel, so they avoided using one.

Nomura: If we make the characters reall, they'll look like real people and no one will recognize them, so we're aiming to balance.

Nomura: Advent Children models are too old, so they've been refining the graphics and balancing reality and deformation.

Aside from the CG shown at the beginning of the trailer, everything is in real-time. You can alter the camera angle during the train scene.

Cloud's appearance has to partially to do with the lighting and his pale skin. Nojima had said Cloud's sickly appearance is brilliant.

Cross-dressing scene will be included. Nomura has yet to work on the design, however.

NMR: VIIR is completely different from Crisis Core's battle system. Not as actiony as Dissidia Arcade or KH but closer to that style.

NMR: VIIR has ATB, but it's not the type where you wait for the gauge to fill up and then attack. It is connected with the action system.

NMR: 3-member parties, all interchangeable and playable. You don't have to change characters if you don't want.

NMR: The battle speed they're aiming for is Dissidia Arcade's. The battles we saw in the trailer are kind of like a standard to aim for.

Nomura went over the trailer so many times and doubted if it'd be all right to show, but the reaction he received has relieved him.

also in interviews(info is somewhere on last pages of other thread) they confirmed they want to add new stuff and surprises so its not the same experience to even surprise us old school fans


Oct 28, 2015
cross dressing.....yees

next is to confirm the bathouse scene and ill start the forgiving process, Nomura


Aug 11, 2013
They said the speed is less than KH, which they said is less than Dissidia (per other gaf-thread translation).

I don't really like action in my jRPGs, but I'll roll with what they have...


Apr 16, 2014
QTE parry, Aeris redirects sword and kills Sephiroth, Cloud has baby with Aeris, baby is Lightning
I don't know why but this made me laugh so hard. Of course it makes sense to shoehorn Lightning into the game. Make it happen Square, if only for the reactions online!


Sep 9, 2015
Wounder how close are the release dates for the episodes or parts and how long will they be, Ill probably wait for full release hopefully with bonuses.