New fighter Blade Strangers annnounced (Studio Saizensen/Nicalis) for PC, PS4, Switch


Dec 20, 2004
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Studio Saizensen is working on a brand new fighter for Switch in addition to the PlayStation 4 and PC (plus arcades in Japan). Today, publisher Nicalis unveiled Blade Strangers during Twitch’s official E3 live stream.

Studio Saizensen developed the 3DS game Code of Princess a few years back. Characters from that title are included here, along with several others. Curly from Cave Story and Kawase from the Umihara Kawase series (Yumi’s Odd Odyssey) are also in.
Mar 3, 2013

I'm so in.

I just learned that D3 made a crossover fighter for their Simple 2000 budget game series including characters from Onechanbara, Earth Defense Force and even that giant girl in the bikini who destroys a city.

Apr 5, 2016
Cave Story, Umihara Kawase, and Code of Princess? This is the weirdest crossover character roster ever lol.
That Cave Story character is in because of Nicalis publishing but the others I understand because they were from games developed by Studio Saizensen.

Here are some games Studio Saizensen worked on so we can guess if any characters from these games appear in Blade Strangers.

(Other than Umihara Kawase from Sayonara Umihara Kawase)

From their company website:

Their list of works as according to google translate:
Blade Arcus from Shining (Arcade)
Exstetra (PS Vita/Nintendo 3DS)
Code of Princess (Nintendo 3DS)
Shining Hearts (PSP)
Doki Doki Poyatchio (PS)
Shaman King than-Uranaikotoryakuke' Series (GBA)
Stellvia (GBA / animation)
Fafner (anime)
Maho Sensei Negima! (Anime)
Shaman King card game than-Uranaikotoryaku determined (TCG)

The only other source I could find that can list their games is from Giant Bomb:
In that link, games listed aside from ones mentioned above (and the Umihara Kawase games):
Glory of Heracles (Nintendo DS)
Shinseiki Evangelion Mahjong Hokan Keikaku (Gameboy Color)
Dec 12, 2006
Roster sounds nice but Blade Arcus was pretty bad. Hoping for the best, but I really don't expect much unfortunately.
Blade Arcus's animation was fairly lacking but its cancel system and assists were pretty slick. I played a lot of Rick+ Melty assist and between the built in universal cancels, and his own low dash and rekka style cancels plus Melty's long ass multihit lvl 3 assist It was rushdown city. In that game you had built in cancels for meter and your partner was an assist that had 3 levels of assist plus a counter assist. Up to you how much of the assist meter to spend depending on the situation. Plus everything was a best of 5 which was pretty nice too. Solid mechanics...just animation and online hurt it beyond repair with folks.

Blade Arcus is not Guilty Gear, but it is a very decent title in its own right. Straight up murdered itself in japan though with its ridiculous no online and timed at launch only DLC cast that disappeared till the PC release. Seriously fun game to play though. Rage, Rick, Fenrir...all good stuff. Dude's got a bad case of not enough tween frames and not enough shader work is all. Looks like Blade Strangers so far has that too sadly, but hey Blade Arcus was fun so I'll give it a try. Besides...nothing can ever be as bad as Phantom Breaker Extra as a Smash Bros style easy input fighter so I'd like to see someone else's take on this niche.


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May 18, 2009
Sure, why not? I just saw Umehara Kawase standing in a 2D fighter looking game, and had to click. Nice to see the Code of Princess characters getting another chance to survive on, too.

They also mentioned the game living on after it's release, and that they "don't charge for their characters, unlike Capcom", lol. So... err... Yeah, I could have fun with a Japanese Indie/small dev fighter with new characters added just... whenever. The guy from 1001 Spikes and Keroblaster could show up for fun, ha.

I'd love to see a Guardian Heroes character make it into this for no real reason other than seeing the Code of Princess cast fight someone from one of their inspirations.

So they copied SNK's KOFXIII sprites/animation process?
If anything, I think it looks closer to what they used for Saturn games and Code of Princess itself. But yeah, it is similar.