New Final Fantasy announced: Final Fantasy Artniks Dive

It looks so INTENSE and full of ADVENTURE that I can share with my friends! It really is the whole EPICNESS of the FINAL FANTASY saga on my smartphone barf
Not buying under any circumstances.

Who does buy these games out of interest? Is it mostly in Japan or is there a big market for them in the West too?
50 years from now, when some intrepid future holodeck gamer is creating a history of videogames compendium, the PS3-and-onwards stretch of Square-Enix's output will be know as, "The Please Understand & Be Excited Period".

Visually this looks way less like garbage than past iOS/Android releases. The typography doesn't look terrible.
It uses the same all their other games have used, except for the blue buttons on the bottom which use a more round one.

So we've gone from palette swaps to simply using 2 sprites for 7 characters on screen.
They're all freelancers, so assuming this game isn't as bad "gameplay" wise as FF Brigade you'll presumably not have the same setup for all your characters.
Technically same character sprite rather than model, since this is 2D.

However, the screenshots are labeled with a "Screenshot from game in development" line. Presumably your whole party isn't going to be generic guy.
My guess is that all of the jobs have one appearance. This is the freelancer (すっぴん) appearance.