New Final Fantasy VII Remake Gameplay Screenshot

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Guard Scorpion fight (First boss):

Shown at Magic Monaco by Nomura

Nomura says the environment will be partly destructible. Allies won't take damage from grenades. He wanted to show a video today but Square Enix refused.

Translations of additional information Nomura provided, thanks to rayman1900 and saturnine:

For KH, it's mostly the same information we've been receiving from the event.

For VIIR, Nomura says that since you're supposed to infiltrate the Mako reactor in the mission, it would only make logical sense for the team to make it a stealth mission where you can hide behind cover in the environment. Also, a way you could initiate combat if you want to would be to cover without being detected, throw a grenade to the enemy and create an attack of opportunity, so you're not forced to do stealth if you don't want to.

Other infos are also what we received.
Battles will occur directly in the world, which is why there's a cover mechanic. In the screenshot, Cloud has already been discovered by the enemy, but it's actually possible to throw a preemptive attack from cover (grenade) to avoid a full blown confrontation.

Grenades are something we had to discuss during meetings. We thought about enabling friendly fire, but ultimately decided against it, because it could make the game too hard for people who aren't used or aren't fond of FPS.

It is indeed an action game, but it won't be too violent (?) because we don't want people to stop playing. (I don't know if he's talking about on-screen violence or difficulty. Probably the later.)

Here's another screenshot with the Guardian Scorpion. As you can see it's quite extravagant. I hope people will have fun with these new battles, which include new options not previously possible, like destructible environments. This screenshot was taken ingame, with everything moving accordingly. I wanted to show a small video but was told it wasn't possible, sorry. Please note that the user interface is not final. Once it will be finalized, I think we'll be able to show the game running.
It's just going to be Kingdom Hearts, isn't it...

(Actually that basically looks like Crisis Core, but same difference)

Judgement very much reserved on this one. I like action RPGs, but I'm still not sure I want FFVII to become one...


I've played over 500 hours of DMC2 and consider the game good.
Notice the "ATB"-meter btw. I'm pretty sure you won't be able to combo 50 attacks in a row like in in FFXV.

Combat will be much different than FFXV, I hope people realize this.

Also, the limit break meter having 3 "bars" signifies that you'll be able to charge them up. Maybe just more power? Who knows, but maybe this is their way of gaining different levels of limit breaks? One bar = Braver. Two bars = Climhazard. Three bars = Meteorain?
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