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New Frederick Raynal game out this year!


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He recently updated his personal site with a teaser for his Ubisoft project, which he says is coming out in 2010.

There's a chalk board that (in French) teasing that the name can be another page, which contains an image of a chalk board where text has been erased and a note ensuring the game is not Little Big Adventure 3. However, the the page is titled "Précision"--perhaps that is the name?

Please don't be Rabbids, Facebook, and/or MMO bullshit. And please have Ancel's paws far, far away.


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watkinzez said:
Ubisoft Montpellier's schedule:

2010- Raynal's project
2011- Tintin

I don't think I'm forgetting anything.

temptation to avatar quote signifying that i understand your insinuation and am saddened by it.

Sotha Sil

cuyahoga said:
However, the the page is titled "Précision"--perhaps that is that is the name?

Nope, it just means "clarification" here. Just so LBA fans don't get their hopes up :/

Pretty excited, though. I love his work.



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