New Game Informer cover tomorrow, next gen game reveal [Up3: Definitely Thief]


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"And since people asked, we announce the next cover tomorrow morning, and it's a next gen game I'm personally thrilled to get to reveal."

"And since it was announced today, I can tell you it is not AC IV: Black Flag"

Update 1:

didn't they say in a recent video that the cover contained a bow and arrow? can't remember where Iheard that, i think it was in their Crysis 3 test chamber video but that narrows it down a little bit I guess

edit: yea they mention that the game on their next cover contains a bow in the Crysis 3 test chamber about 8:15 into it. this is the year of the bow
Update 2:

From the Eidos forums:

b1skit said:
*ahem* What's this??

You guys are talking about Deus Ex in the Thief forums??

This won't do. Not at all.

I'm gonna have to do something about this.............. Something drastic.

Lets reconvene tomorrow. Set your watches, taffers.



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Well, Battlefield 4 was on press tours recently and unveiled this time of year last time, so I'll submit that as an option.
Damn You!

Was coming to post this

Get HYPE before GDC, show off some new tech for Frostbite during GDC, then onwards towards E3 Xbox Event in April
Please be Battlefield 4.

It makes sense, actually. The rumor mill has been a BF4 "unveiling" (in terms of gameplay) at GDC, so a GameInformer reveal with screens and info would line up perfectly with not only the rumors, but what they did to reveal BF3 back in 2011.