New Game Informer Cover Tomorrow [Up: Batman: Arkham Knight website semi-up]

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Well, I wasn't as sick of the series as I thought I would be when I played Origins.

That's not really much praise though. I think I would always be down for a good batman game and Rosksteady really created the mold for Batman.

I'll probably play this no matter what but I don't know much I can be excited.
Sexy box art. Drivable Batmobile massively hinted at, I can dig it. Harley Quinn is the playable guest this time around. Most importantly... the name on the box is Rocksteady.

Was hoping the box art would be Gotham burning or something though. Really wishing they'll go all out. EDIT: Actually is that Gotham exploding in the background?
Batman #ArkhamKnight is the explosive finale to the Arkham series. Scarecrow returns, with villains like Penguin, Two-Face & Harley Quinn.
GOD YES. An amazing game to conclude the storyline, then expand the DC Universe with other characters.


Exciting, though I'm bummed in a way because I don't have a next gen console or a powerful PC and I don't have much money. If only you could rent game consoles as well as games.
I would be ridiculously hyped for this if origins never existed.

I will probably buy, but i just don't think i will enjoy it as much as i would have without origins.

EDIT: Batmobile!! Day 1
WB said it wasn't even worth it to port Origins DLC to Wii U and you're surprised there isn't a Wii U version?

PS360 not being there half surprises me- I'm guessing this game is more taxing than last-gen can handle.
More surprised about the lack of PS3 and 360 versions. I think this would be the first major multiplatform franchise to skip the last gen consoles in favor of being fully current gen.
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