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New God Of War III screens/trailer


Forget the fucking pictures, watch this NAAAAO: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/45513.html

Is it painterly enough for you guys?
Can't see shit!

edit: Nvm, looks pretty nice. But I don't see it as a major leap in graphics as I'd expected. I mean it looks great and will be mad fun probably, but I was expecting over the top graphics.


Am I missing something here? I don't see anything.

Ah...that looks nice, I think. The blood looks a bit silly though.


The Blades of Athena look badass now(or are they the Blades of Chaos again?) It's a tie between this and Uncharted 2 for most anticipated game of 2009.

EDIT: Forgot Infamous...lolz. Well, PS3 will probably reigning champ again this year.


G4 is running video tonight I think. To bad it's not in HD......

Looking great so far and it's only going to get better.
Pretty underwhelming from Jaffe's hype. This is no painting. I don't even think they're trying to harness the PS3's power with this one.


Wants to see in motion. Some of these shots I'm really digging. Were supposed to get another trailer today right?


It looks very good. I'm hopeful that it'll be just as good as the original GoW (the only one I've played). I really should finally open and play my copies of GoW 2 and GoW:CoO.


Comics, serious business!
Need to see it in motion. Something is missing in those pics, can't put my finger on it.
if they can keep it looking as clean as it does in those pics (which I assume are touched up), then yeah, I can totally see the painting idea. just wow


Wow, I really like how clean it looks. Kratos' character model looks incredible imo. Not hyperdetailed or anything, but very appealing. I wish they had given him a new outfit though. At any rate, hype +10000


There's probably alot of shit going on in the background(flying arrows and stuff) and I'm sure it runs at 60fps

Hype +1


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Was going to say not much wowfactor here...until I noticed the Titan in the background of that one screen...


Blueblur1 said:
It looks very good. I'm hopeful that it'll be just as good as the original GoW (the only one I've played). I really should finally open and play my copies of GoW 2 and GoW:CoO.

Especially since GoW2 is the best one in the series.
I'm sure it will look amazing but I can't imagine that the anti-aliasing will be that incredible in the real game.

Also, I think this generation desperately needs this game. Does anybody else feel like this genre hasn't been represented very well so far?


Looks pretty good. The lighting looks nice and I love how smooth the game looks.

But Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 look better.
I see what it is! Did they not say earlier last year that God of War 3 would be built upon the PS2 engines instead of a ground up one for PS3? Because what I'm getting from these pictures is really a higher res God of War. That's not a bad thing but I think that's what makes it look so familiar*.

Error said:
thanks crushdance for quoting the whole fucking post :rollseyes
Omg. *Rollseyes* What whole post did I quote?
not exactly demonstrating PS3's power. Graphically It looks like plenty of other games.

If this had been shown alongside Killzone, Motorstorm initial footage
We would never hear the end of how bad it looks.


Can only see SolidSnakex's pic. Looks awesome though.

Edit: The other pics loaded now, looks great... wonder if it's 60fps though.
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