New Gorillaz Album titled "Humanz" releases April 28th

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Are they actually aging the characters? I didn't know, she's looked more or less the same in the artwork I thought from the older albums.
She was like, single digits in the first gorillaz album, probably a tween in Demon Days, late teens in Plastic Beach and now she looks like she's in her 20's. She's the character that's had the most drastic changes from the beginning.
Here are some OT ideas

Gorillaz - Humanz |OT| Musical Evolution

Gorillaz - Humanz |OT| feat. Damon Albarn

Gorillaz - Humanz |OT| Guaranteed to be better than Plastic Beach*

That last one is a joke
I've liked all three tracks so far. Andromeda>Hallelujah Money> Saturnz Barz at first listen.

Andromeda playing at the end of the Saturnz Barz video is a nice touch, and was that another new track?
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