New Gorillaz Album titled "Humanz" releases April 28th

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I'm digging all the songs they just put out. Was worried after the last song they put out, but these songs jam. Can't wait for the new album. This could be up their with Demon Days with me if everything sounds as good as these songs


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So the deluxe edition of the record sounds like it's going to be like the Radiohead - Moon Shaped Pool deluxe. Great choice.
loving all 4 of these tracks but I think Ascension is at the top for me right now.

also the 3D video is uncensored, as I found out while skipping through it lol
i don't see ascension on the apple music tracklist for the album, what's up with that?

weird, the track list i have on my phone has all these intros and interludes but it's missing a lot of songs.
I don't like We Got The Power much at all. The other 3 are all good to great though.

New Gorrillaz
New Kendrick
New Vince

I'll be feasting all 2017 brehs
Had some genuine emotions seeing everyone at the start of Saturn Barz.
Feels good to be back- hopefully we have a summer track of the quality/marketability that Daft Punk's Get Lucky had in 2013. As overplayed as it was, it felt great to introduce so many people to their wider catalogue.
So happy for more Gorillaz. My shining moment on an internet forum was getting in on the Demon Days leak on the Gorillaz Unofficial page. I fell in love with the first album after seeing the music videos on Cartoon Network. Even got to see them on the Plastic Beach tour. These new songs are nice change but still feel like Gorillaz. Bring on the album!
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