New Halo 4 Screenshots (Grunt new design revealed)

Cortana looks somehow ugly.

Everything else is ace.
Hahahhaha wow....

Bitch is fIne as hell.

Ima be honest with you guys. I wasn't really impressed graphically with reach, but this shit right here might put me back in halo 1 or halo 2 (e3) levels of aw. Shits looks sharp. Kinda diggin the grunt rework. I like the elite too. I just want to feel like I am in a sci if movie like halo 1 did, in open fields and outdoor levels. Good god the developers should just take a picutr of a junk of Yellowstone and theres your gatdam two betrayels 2.0 nah mean?
The art style is INCREDIBLE.

So smooth.

My 360 is busted. Guess I'll buy a new one for this game...

How do I transfer saves from my old busted 360 to a brand new 360 S?
I said wow.

Graphics are stunning for the 360 and I'm loving the epic/immersive feeling that the art gives off. Also Cortana looks fantastic, come at me bros.