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New Jakks World of Nintendo Toys including Breath of the Wild and lots of Splatoon.

Bunch of new stuff in the World of Nintendo lineup. Obviously they're not up to Figma and Nendoroid quality but the cost is much less as the 4" has a MSRP of $9.99 and there's a large variety of characters represented.

Toys R Us has a 20% off World of Nintendo sale until April 15.
Link: http://m.toysrus.com/search/index.jsp?s=A-UnitRank&kw=90242mar17&keywords=90242mar17&origkw=90242mar17&sr=1&ppg=96&camp=SHOPLOCAL:TRU:TRU%20Spring%20Toy%20Gift%20Guide::ToysRUs-170324GG:

World of Nintendo Commercial from 6 months ago:


There's also a sale until 4/15 for 20% off all World of Nintendo stuff at Toys R Us. There's been a huge restock and now it has it's own aisle in the video game section:

They've thankfully dropped prices from the 4" line and 2.5" line back to $10 and $5 from $13 and $7 respectively. Early figures of major characters like Mario, Skyward Sword Link, Samus and Fox have been restocked.

Currently in stores is:

Wave 2-4

Inkling Boy is the only new one. We also get another Yoshi recolor, this time in Blue, a third Samus this time with her Phazon Suit, Wind Waker Link with the Wind Waker instead of shield (still has sword and sheathe) and finally Mario with open hands instead of closed.

Wave 2-5

Aside from the wholly new Inkling Girl and Lakaitu we have another Bowser Jr. but this time with his paintbrush. The new Marios now seemed to all be open hand. We get Ice Mario and a more classical Star Mario who is sparkly as opposed to 2-3's crystal-like Star Mario.

Two Months ago there was some listings that went up on ToyWiz.com.

4″ Hitting in March
Ice Mario, Inkling Girl, Lakitu, Bowser Jr (paintbrush this time), and “Classic Mario” What “classic” could mean for a 4″ I’m not sure.

4" Hitting in June
Mario Maker, Luigi (open hands), BotW Link, Iggy Koopa, and Yellow Yoshi

2.5″ Hitting in May
Dr. Mario, Blue Baby Yoshi, Larry Koopa, Purple Squid and Red Bob-omb

Considering 4" Wave 2-4 and 2" Wave 2-6 were spot on and Jakks is showing BOTW it's safe to assume the rest of June Wave 2-5 lineup is correct. Which means Maker Mario will get his second figure after this foot tall one released in Japan:

Ad well as the first Koopaling. I wonder if they'll get through all 7? Considering all of Team Star Fox and several regular Mario enemies have been released maybe they will. Along with at least four more Yoshi colors.

Wave 2-6/3-1:

BOTW Link:

Hopefully they fix his face before the final release but it's doubtful.

There's also a BOTW Bow and Arrow Set coming:

Following their earlier Wind Waker toy sword:


Wave 2-5

Another 8-bit character with Toad. Luigi is Star Luigi and actually sparkles. Wind Waker continues to be the only Zelda represented at this size.

Wave 2-6

The bottom right three are all reprints.

Dr Mario looks nice with his pill. Obviously Larry is the star of this wave. Would rather own all the Koopalings at 4" though.

New Walgreens Exclusives:

Man these exclusives are really good. Can't believe Walgreens got the only Glow-in-the-Dark figure.

I was happy not having to go to look at Walgreens again but looks like I'll have to when I see one.

New Family Dollar Wave 2:

These are 2.5" figures repackaged with an acessory from the 4" line. Surprised at the very recent Villager being repackaged.

5-figure Gift Packs:



Finally in the ultimate in stupid recolors Jakks has introduced two new retailer-exclusive variants:

Trophy Series - Walmart Exclusive

Prototype Series - Target Exclusive

These are incredibly rare. I've never seen any in stores. They're essentially Ebay fodder. While I've committed to collecting all of the 4" figures some of these go to $40 and I'm not willing to pay that. Though all are tempting.

New Jumbo Plushies: $24.99

Splatoon is getting a ton of toys:

Splat Balls: $4.99

Two Blasters that shoot colored liquid:

Splattershot: $29.99
Quickshot: $14.99


Koopa Shell Footballs: $12.99

Super Jumping Mario: $29.99

Image of an upcoming Nintendo Playset (looks like Peach's Castle:

Other Stuff that may not be from Jakks but at least Toys R Us count as World of Nintendo:

10" Hand Puppets: $16.99

Past threads with earlier figures:


Great Online Resource on Line: http://guumba.us/index.php
These things are fine for kids to play with, but you'll have pony up for the Japanese figures if you want something what will actually look cool on your desk. Like the Bandai Mario Bros:

Or the Figma stuff:

Their past Links have been better. Even the other Wind Waker Link looks better with his angry eyes.

These things are fine for kids to play with, but you'll have pony up for the Japanese figures if you want something what will actually look cool on your desk. Like the Bandai Mario Bros:

I say the same in the OP. I also collect the Nintendo Figmas. Those of course cost 5 times as much. Obviously the appeal is to have a wide variety of characters and variations to choose from.

The Mario ones are decent enough that I don't feel the strong need to collect the Bandai Tamashi Nation figures.
These things are fine for kids to play with, but you'll have pony up for the Japanese figures if you want something what will actually look cool on your desk. Like the Bandai Mario Bros:
Or the Figma stuff:

I have Bandai Mario but Jakks Luigi. They look fine together. There's hardly a difference between them.

Figma Link on the other hand... he's like a whole different species to Jakks Link. The only problem is scale... He's in scale with absolutely nothing. I wish he was closer to 6" scale so he could fit in with Mythic Legions...he does look great next to their skeletons though. Okay, I'm getting into toy nerd territory.
I hate when they pose figurines in the arms down, facing forward style. It makes them look worse than they probably are, so I can't get a good impression of them (the ones in the first image).


I wish almost any other company had the mass market Nintendo license; Jakks Pacific stuff has been garbage for so long. It's nice to see continued diversity in characters at least.


Tangentially related: A Nintendo source hinted to me that Splatoon 2 is going to be met with a LOT of official merchandise. he told me this after I complimented his Splatoon baseball cap. "Oh, this was from the S1 launch. Wait 'til you see what we have in store for S2."
Jakks quality is kinda shit. At least with the regular figures. The 2.5 and large scale, like the Metroid, are pretty good. I just wish Nintendo had went with a different manufacture for their stateside toys. While the Bandai and Figma stuff is more expensive, the quality is there in spades.

All the Disney Pixar toys look so good, and Nintendo's style isn't too far off from that. Wish they were on the same level.


I really need a Jr. action figure for my kid but can't find the old one and I'm sure this will be the same situation.
I really need a Jr. action figure for my kid but can't find the old one and I'm sure this will be the same situation.

The Bowser Jr. Wave has literally just started appearing at Targets in my area and not even Toys R Us. In fact I have even seen any on the wave before Bowser Jr. at TRU. In my experience Jr. will start becoming more common in the coming weeks and you'll be able to find it instores or online for a little over $10.

As for past figures those are gone from stores. Every wave essentially last 1-3

They only reprint the major characters like Mario, Link, Samus and Fox. That may change though as like I said World of Nintendo is getting a big push in TRU with them taking an entire aisle in the gaming section and a lot of new stuff.

After two week I've finished the OP and added triple the amount of stuff to it.

Sale at Toys R Us ends Saturday.

With the MSRP of World of Nintendo being raised to $10 and $5 respectively and Toys R Us matching it the sales actually decent. Before you had TRU selling them 4" for $13 and 2.5" for $7 compared to Target's MSRP prices of $9 and $3.50. Now they're equal.

Too bad so far I can't find any of the new waves at TRU. I've bought Blue Yoshi, Open-handed Mario and Inkling Boy from Target this week though

This shit looks terrible. Where are the additions to their 8-bit lineup?


Really? It seems like Inkling Boy's been in circulation for a while now.

Or is this a re-release?

Nope. I literally saw and bought. my first Inkling Boy at Target a few days ago.
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