New Katy Perry single SWISH SWISH featuring legend Nicki Minaj. A slay!

Standing here like I'm supposed to say something
Don't hold your breath, I never said I'd save you, honey
And I don't want your money
If I was you, I'd run from me or rip me open
You'll see you're not the only one who's hopeless
Be sure to put your faith in something more
I'm just a girl and you're not as alone as you feel
We all got problems, don't we?
We all need heroes, don't we?
But rest assured, there's not a single person here who's worthy

Hey baby, I'm not your superhuman
And if that's what you want
I hate to let you down
I got your hopes up
Now I got you hoping
That I'm gonna be the one to let you down

Oh, it's such a long and awful lonely fall
Down from this pedestal that you keep putting me on
What if I fall on my face?
What if I make a mistake?
If it's okay a little grace would be appreciated
Remember how we used to like ourselves?
What little light that's left, we need to keep it sacred
I know that you're afraid to let all the dark escape you
But we can let the light illuminate these hopeless places

Oh, no, I ain't your hero
You're wasting all your faith on me
Oh, no, I know where this goes
Think it's safe to say your savior doesn't look a thing like me
The lyrics in this song feel pretty awkwardly crammed into the melodies sometimes. Just add a few more syllables to your lines, guys.
This seems to be a recurrent problem present in all the songs released so far.

Both Chained to the Rhythm and Bon Appetit have awkward lyrics and melodies that lack rhythm (ironically enough for Chained to the Rhythm) and with some pretty questionable rhymes. Swish swish just follows that trend.

The Katy dragging in this ThreaD!!!

Chained to Max Martin is the best song to cum from Witness TBQH

This song would've been better without the Ket vocals with only Queen Onika being the only good thing about this sonG

Keep Onika, lose Ketty

The lyrics in this song feel pretty awkwardly crammed into the melodies sometimes. Just add a few more syllables to your lines, guys.
That's 90 percent of Katy Perry. Sometimes the beat is slow enough to match how slow she is, but usually she just speak-sings at the same tempo and hopefully it works with the music.

But I promised myself I'm done complaining about pop acts since The Chainsmokers showed me the afterlife exists, it's now and it's only hell.
OK, I listened just because I wanted to see if you all were piling on. Unfamiliar with PopGAF.

It's not good. I got bored. Not even "mindless good" enough to put on my workout playlist.

Almost catchy in parts. Whoever said there's a 90's house beat in there was right, and that's the only part I found redeeming.
Better than chained to the rhythm, but that's not saying much. There's some nice parts in this, but it feels like five songs in one. It's very messily structured and the melodies kinda clash with each other
Yup it really feels like an unmastered track to me. Tempos randomly changing, beats and lyrics drop with just dead air. I can't imagine that people in the studio were like "Oh this is lit!" after creating this. It's so basic lyrically and musicaly.
It's funny hearing so many modern musicians taking inspiration from boring ass 90's dance music. Music has gotten so depressingly stale.

At least the Nicki Minaj part is alright.