New Metal Gear Rising street art ad in Liverpool, UK - cool shit inside

Just like I said in the title, I was on my way to Liverpool's central shopping district when I saw this awesome artwork being spraypainted on the white wall opposite. So I decided to take a few pics to share with GAF.

The ad is on the wall of Ropewalks Square, a popular lunchtime spot for shoppers and workers in the Bold Street area, and opposite the FACT Building on Wood Street, which is an art gallery and cinema complex, so it'll definitely get tons of views. It's better than any poster, that's for damn sure!
I love that they used the trademark art style that is associated with the MGS series. Really nice.

I'm getting this game for my older brother on his birthday -same as day of release.
There should be more cities where this same advertising is taking place, because I don't see any good reason for this to appear in Liverpool exclusively while being unrelated to SCEE (not exclusive to PS3 or a SCEE developed game).