New Over My Dead Body 2 screenshots, artwork, and details


Upcoming PlayStation Vita RPG Over My Dead Body 2 will have a unique system where your character progeny can only live for two years, so you’ll be going through generations of the family with the cursed bloodline. The latest issue of Famitsu shares more details on the game.

In a previous interview with Shoji Masuda, the director said that fans wanted to see a closer hereditary resemblance in the characters, so we’ll be seeing more of that. While we got a close look at the game during last year’s Tokyo Game Show, the development team has made plenty of improvements since then, according to Famitsu.

This starts with the character customization options that allows you to take a picture of yourself to create the first head of the family. Once you take your picture, you’ll be able to edit it to your liking, but if you’d rather do this without using a picture of yourself, you can also edit it from scratch. The characteristic appearances will then be passed on to the children that follow.

As far as job classes go, there will be eight different classes to choose from at the beginning, including swordsmen and archers. Their clothing will vary according to the theme color that was chosen by the first head of the family.

The family curse won’t allow members to have children with other humans, but they will be able to create offspring with different gods. Doing so can give birth to various gods and deities that were in the first Over My Dead Body game, and there’s a chance you can create a new god, too. However, there will be the exception of being able to mate with those who’ve also been affected by the curse.

The game-flow will start out by having you prepare with your party setups and equipment before going into a dungeon. Once you’re in a dungeon, you’ll be taking out demons while leveling up and acquiring items like most RPGs. Finally, when the time of death comes for your characters, you’ll be required to go through the ceremony to leave an offspring behind.

The game is set in an entire nation, and the player will take control of a faction within a family that has been spread across the country. As you progress through the game, you’ll get to expand further out and meet other factions of the family in further parts of the country, allowing you to expand your own group.

Your base will be a mansion in a certain part of the country, where you’ll be doing your preparations and expanding your family. The nearby towns will have weapon and armor shops, along with general stores and more.

Again, dungeons will be where all the action takes place. These are where the demons will be dwelling, and will vary from caves and forests to mansions and temples. The type of dungeons near the towns will be also vary according to the players. The dungeons will have strong bosses at the end, and the developers say that something good will come out of defeating them.

As far as combat goes, characters will be able to practice abilities such as “arts” and “secret techniques”. Fights will have item drops that will be shown through a random slot system that appears during the fight.

Your party will consist of the leader and three other members. While you can set strategies for the others, you can also have it set to where you can give direct orders to all of them, similar to Dragon Quest titles.

Over My Dead Body 2 will be coming out summer 2014 for PlayStation Vita.

Localization hasn't been announced, though Shuhei Yoshida wants it to happen.
This looks awesome, I hope that Yoshida follows through with his statement and pushes for this to be released in the US. I want to play it very much.
The level and enemy art is some of the best of the best I've ever seen, and the concept is absolutely wild. Shu, localize it! Give it to me so I can finally enjoy a JRPG.
I'm playing the PSP version of the original for the first time right now and really enjoying it. This sequel might be the impetus that makes me get a Vita. And man, the graphics style for the areas and enemies is just gorgeous.

The first game wasn't thick on plot but it had a fun atmosphere and the little stories and details you heard about each dungeon and boss makes for a low-key but enjoyable story. The battle system is brisk and basic but there's a decent amount of challenge to some encounters and the fact that permadeath exists and you can't save within dungeons makes for some nerve-wracking encounters.

Anyway, the first game so far is really good and solid and if the sequel lives up to that plus steps up the beauty of the graphics then I think we'll have a real gem coming to the Vita.


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If Sony wants the Vita to replicate the recent successes it's been having in Japan then they need to localize some of this stuff and quickly.

I'd love to have this on my Vita.
Did Alfa System develop this one too? The world needs more of their special breed of crazy.
It's probably Alfa System. They made the PSP remake, and there's no reason to believe SCE is doing this one internally.

It looks... okay. As far as I can tell, Toukiden does a similar thing but comes across as far superior to this.
Other than being based on Japanese mythology the two games share very little in common. Toukiden is a co-operative action game, while OMDB is a RPG. Their rendering techniques are quite different too, as OMDB is going for the watercolour look.


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The lack of animations in the battles does not sit well with me. At minimum I need Fire Emblem style animations. (With feet, because of the power of the Vita.)
Oreshika 2 certainly looks like a promising game, can't wait to play it. I heard it should be out this summer, not such a long wait.

Hope it will be as good as the original game.
Given this was shown/streamed with the director at the Taiwanese game show a month or so ago, is it safe to assume efforts are being put into at least a Chinese/Asian localization? And if so, wouldn't it stand to reason that Sony's internal localization team could be in on this for the West? I look at Soul Sacrifice and Malicious and go "damn" at the awesome localizing Sony did for the English versions of those games.

Granted this is heavy on Chinese/Japanese mythology and culture, and that face mapping tech is possibly configured for a certain I wouldn't be surprised if it's just too resource intensive to bring it over given the perceived lack of a market in the West. The counter to that (and any other Japan-centric RPG) is "look at what Atlus did with Persona". So I will continue to hope/assume this will come out in English!