New Phantasy Star Nova Trailer

The CG graphics look great and a huge fan on the character design. Some gameplay certainly wouldn't have hurt, though.

Despite not liking PSO2 this will be getting a day 1 import from me.
I can't get excited for this game. I love Phantasy Star, and tri-ace is neat, but...its not coming Stateside, and I don't own a Vita anyway. Good trailer, though.
I don't even want to look since I'm in NA, it's a lost cause...

The fact that Tri-Ace is dong this makes me sadder... where is my Star Ocean VITA of PS4 game?
Too bad there was no gameplay, but in Tri-Ace, I trust.

The fact that this game is going to be something closer to Phantasy Star Portable 2 with PSO2's combat is gravy to me.
I'm interested to see what Tri-Ace can do with the Phantasy Star IP.

If it's still on track for 2014 (which it supposedly is), we really need to see some gameplay soon.
Oh Sega, if only this was E3 material. If only....

But instead, you would put salt in our wounds to say that there's NO Phantasy Star stuff for us in the future.
It does kind of look like a Phantasy Star game if it were made by Wolf Team.

That's pretty neat. I really like Wolf Team. It's so neat that SEGA had Tri-Ace work on this game.