New Pokemon Game to be announced next week?

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So, Junnichi Masuda director/producer/whatever at Game Freak said in a recent Q&A with fans to watch Pokemon Smash, a weekly Pokemon show in Japan, when asked about details of Black and White's 3rd version game.

His response (about 4:30 in the video): "Well, there's no reason to expect me to know that [about a third version] [crowd laughs] but I can't answer. But...but... I wonder if it's alright to say Pokemon Smash...if you want details"

Yesterday, he posted on twitter:


"Don't forget to watch next week's Pokemon Smash live!!!! For people who can't watch it, check out my tweets!!!"

Pokemon Smash
airs Sundays in Japan, 7:30AM-8:30AM. The first half hour is usually dedicated to an old episode of the cartoon. The preview for this weeks episode (2/26) makes no mention of a game announcement or appearance by Masuda.


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It's the successor to Pokèmon Sunday.
And...and...isn't Pokèmon Sunday where they basically unveiled Black & White ( three main Pokèmons, some footage) ?
How many Pokemon variety shows are there? I know of Sunday (which is the big one), but there's another?

Edit: So they changed the name? That's stupid.
people are up at 7:30am to watch a Pokemon show? damn Japan

I've tried watching these variety shows based off of media properties, and it's difficult to get through them (to the point where I haven't gotten through a full one). They are aimed very squarely at children and basically no one else.
Honestly it would be pretty weird if they didn't even have one new Pokemon game outside of that Nobunaga spin-off this year. Even a Ranger/Mystery Dungeon game would be pretty nice.


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It's probably going to be a DS game, but with 3DS features.
Which isnt possible. DS Game with DSi features, like B/W would be though.

It has to be a 3DS title though - Nintendo needs system sellers especially in Europe and the US.


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If it is a Black/White redux, I want it to be 3DS compatible. Streetpass, 3D effect, etc. They already laid the groundwork for the communication features with the C-Gear.
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