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New Pokkén Tournament gameplay trailer


Gardevoir, Suicine and Pikachu confirmed for the main roster.
Support characters include Lapras, Emolga, Snivy and Fenniken.

Here is a recording of the stream in case you missed it

More gameplay
Lucario vs Pikachu
Gardevoir vs Pikachu
Machamp vs Suicune
Suicune vs Lucario
Pikachu vs Suicune

Source of pics: はちま起稿

Found some gameplay details and I'm trying to sum it up. Here it is but feel free to correct me If I get anything wrong:

  • That gamepad for the arcade cab is not final. It ill change design down the line.
  • The game will use Namco's Banapass cards.
  • The menu screen showed options for local player vs player as well as online player vs player battles across different arcades.
  • On the Pokemon select screen, Pokemon are graded in 3 different aspect of the game. 1st is Resonance Burst mode(共鳴エネルギー) which is like the Pokemon's own 'Ultra' attack, then field phase offense and lastly duel phase offense.
  • You can select support Pokemon to assist your main fighter Pokemon. Support Pokemon have their own gauge to manage.
  • When you start off the match, the Pokemon will be in 'field phase' mode. Camera is lifted further back and Pokemon are more mobile to move around the field. This gameplay was described as '3D field action.'
  • Once the 2 Pokemon get close, the Pokemon will be in 'duel phase' mode and the camera will zoom into the Pokemon and lean onto the side. Like a 'normal' fighting game camera. This part of the game will emphasis the normal fundamentals you usually see in regular fighting games.
  • The buttons for the game are: Light attack, Heavy attack, 'Pokemon,' Jump & Support Pokemon.
  • Attacks beats throws, throws beats guarding, guarding beats attacks.
  • Guarding an opponent attacks over and over will degrade your shield. (think of it like the Super Smash Bros shield.)
  • Your Pokemon gets access to one big 'burst' attack once they're in that Resonance. You only get to use it once so I guess it's akin to an Ultra.

Big thanks to Inatekken.

It feels like some kind of weird mish-mash fighting game. There's elements of great movement outside close encounters, there's weird MvC like Assists with Support Pokemon, there's pretty much an Ultra and up close the Pokemon fight in normal fundamental fighting style fashion. All on a 3D plane.

No release date yet? :(

Also, are these graphics even possible on Wii U?

Edit: Nevermind. Game was downgraded after I watched the stream.
No, I will not admit that I was wrong.


Suicune is in this, so its already an insta buy for me.
I'm liking what I am seeing so far. It will only get more polish as time progresses


Well I did not expect Suicune to be a fighter. It really shows that they aren't going to stick with the typical humanoid choices.
It kind of looks like it switches back and forth between a more 3D, Naruto-esque type of combat to a 2D one resembling a regular fighting game (but not quite).


This looks more like Naruto than EXVS

Yeah with the assists, though hopefully it's 60FPS like the EXVS games.

The Naruto Ninja Storm games would be much improved if they were 60FPS and had better balance so it's not necessarily a bad thing either if Pokken goes that route (hopefully)


2packs of pokemon to use for assists. Choose one before each round as the assist pokemon for that round. Not certain if you can make your own 2 packs or if you can only choose from premade 2packs of assists.

This has me curious :D

Also 8 way run zoning and area of effect? My Kamen Rider Chou Climax Heroes training may just pay off here then.


Wait... this has been confirmed for Wii U? I thought this was an arcade exclusive!?

You seriously think it won't come out for Wii U later on? It has an English trailer, and there's no way they're releasing it in US/EU in arcades. So...it's arcades for now.


El Capitan Todd
I really hope to see it coming to Wii U. its non-tekken structure (seems more Naruro/DragonBall maybe?) it's even better for my tastes


Was expecting Tekken.

Got DBZ instead. Not that I'm complaining. It fits with Pokemon a lot more :p


I'm really glad their not sticking to bipedal Pokemon!

I really hope there are some WTF picks (for a fighting game) like Muk.
Was expecting Tekken.

Got DBZ instead. Not that I'm complaining. It fits with Pokemon a lot more :p

Yeah, it allows for a wider variety of Pokemon to be in. I'd much rather have a greater variety than simply brawlers but with Tekken's style.

Also, the gameplay looks amazing! The stream was great.


It needs a Flying Pokemon that isn't Hawlucha to sit in the WTF corner with Suicune. Something like Jumpluff or Sigilyph


Looks like a Naruto game. Even the Lucario battle clip has him running with the exact same arms stretched backwards pose.

Still, neat, I thought this was gonna be a fighting type only game.
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