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New PS3 packs for Spain (and rest of Europe?)


Jan 6, 2006
Salamanca, Spain
Midas said:
Why would you want a dubbed game?

Well, in terms of product presentation it's the correct way to act. I mean, you can't pretend to sell anything anywhere in a foreign language.

Here we pay a lot more for the same product also. I think it's fair to dub the game, if you want to sell audiovisual content in any way. In Europe this is pretty common.

At the same time the game must be available in it's original form. With the BluRay this is easy, doesn't it?. Plenty of space for the original dubbing and the spanish dubbing or other european dubbings.

One thing is for sure, in my case at least: if I have to choose between european prices with spanish dubbing or american prices with english dubbing, I'd choose the last :lol. Price always come first.