New PS4 Commercial During Monday Night Football (ESPN)

Wait, isn't the Xbox One's territory?
No they take over sportscenter on sunday night by sponsoring a highlight of NFL plays from earlier in the day and after every one they stop and and say XBOX ONE with that damn chime every...single....time and when it's over they say the name a few more times.

They're really trying to almost brainwash people into buying the system with that kind of repetition.
Didn't see a new PS4 commercial, but when the announcer was talking about the sponsors he did talk about the PS4. Guess I will watch the commercials now.
Watching the game, so I'll keep an eye out. I've seen the Taco Bell ad on a bunch of channels. Microsoft advertises a lot during college football and these NFL games too.

Hopefully I don't leave the room at the wrong time.
I live in Indy, huge Colts fan, and I noticed it too. They are touting some new PS4 commercial when they go into breaks. They are also showing the PS4 logo and release date on occasion when going into and coming out o f commercial breaks.

Can't wait to see if they do have a new commercial
Hopefully there is a code on-screen and if you enter it quickly enough on a website you win a PS4!!

I saw the preview, but thought it was on TBS with baseball, :lol. Guess I wasn't paying too much attention.


my posts are "MEH"
PS4 is sponsoring the NFL game tonight (Chargers vs. Colts on ESPN) and they keep mentioning to "stay tuned for a new PS4 commercial."

Anyone else hear it? Just wanted to make a thread here, and I'll post it when it's up online. Madden commercial? Who knows!

Ready your tubs.
If it's this video then then GREAT! I want the world to see the garbage EA Tiburon is putting out for Next Gen.
Guys... Microsoft already had ads running during Football for the Xbox One... Not sure where the "Xbox is late, Xbox territory" posts are coming from.

Either way, awesome! Can't wait to see Xbox One AND PS4 ads blasting my TV! Hype is never a bad thing. :p