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New Resident Evil 2 Remake mods replace Claire & Leon with Quiet & Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid 5


Modders ‘SirLumberjackie’ and ‘George’ have released two interesting mods for Resident Evil 2 Remake. These mods replace Leon’s Arklay Sheriff costume with Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid 5 and Claire’s Jacket costume with Quiet.

Now while this is really cool, I’d really love to also see a mod introducing the iconic Metal Gear Solid theme to Capcom’s survival game. This would make the following mods even better, though I’m pretty sure that die-hard MGS fans will also find these mods cool.

In order to install these mods, you’ll need the Fluffy Manager that you can download from here. Once you have installed the Fluffy Manager, you’ll have to place the rar file into the “modmanager\Games\RE2R\Mods” folder and then install the Quiet and Big Boss mods.

Those interested can download the Big Boss mod from here and the Quiet mod from here.

It’s also worth noting that there was another Metal Gear Solid mod last month for Resident Evil 2 Remake that let gamers play as Solid Snake from the first Metal Gear Solid game.

Have fun everyone!



First Solid Snake And now Big Boss aka “Medic” and Quiet. My favourite type of modding!

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