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New Robinson: The Journey video offers a closer look at Crytek’s PS VR exclusive


Robinson: The Journey | Dev diary #1

The release of our debut PS VR game Robinson: The Journey is just months away, and development is in full swing. So today, we’re excited to launch our first dev diary, where we sent some of our developers to the Senckenberg Natural History Museum in Frankfurt to discuss the inspiration behind the game and how VR has enabled them to deliver gameplay experiences and tell a story in a way that wouldn’t be possible in any other medium. VR really is something else.

Our Robinson team first began to experiment with concepts for virtual reality via several demos, one of which was called Back to Dinosaur Island. Eventually those ideas developed into the concept behind Robinson: The Journey, slated for release this autumn exclusively for PS VR.

Robinson: The Journey is a game built from the ground up for VR, and the medium’s boundaries – and possibilities – were key in driving the team’s development choices.

“When we add any gameplay element, we start thinking, is this VR-centric? Is this something that makes the player go, ‘Oh my god, this is new’?” said Martin L’Heureux, Animation Director for Robinson.

As the team explored the possibilities of VR, their own experiences of discovery and excitement made their way into the game. Fatih Özbayram, Producer, said: “It started out with us being inquisitive about a new medium. The core element of Robinson was exploration.” For both developers and players.
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