New screenshot of The Witness; "Last minute Area" being worked on


Around Christmas time, Jon surprised us with a bunch of new slab buildings full of puzzles in the center of the island.

Previously, there were only some empty ruins here, so the whole area was redesigned by the architects to accommodate the new puzzles. I attacked it first, about 3 weeks ago, adding a couple of puzzles myself and starting to model the three buildings on the right. Now, the entire art team is working on it. Luis is taking care of the entire left portion, which is still mostly low ruins, Eric is tackling the tower in the middle, and Alex is working on the building behind the tower, with the orange box sticking out of it. There is still one slab building up for grabs, but it’s coming together very quickly for such a huge area!

"Last minute" implies that development is almost done! Now how about that release date Mr. Blow?
After finishing Proteus Im excited for more wandering around simulators...hope more games follow the "OOOo whats that?" form of game design
Love the art and look of this. Every since reveal this had been one of my more anticipated games. Hope it comes in the first half of this year.
Can't wait for this game!

I would really love to play this in VR...come on Valve, release that HMD! Either that, or Oculus might as well integrate all of Valve's tech into their own headset.


is responsible for the well-being of this island.
I see some jaggies, why he no downsample? :p

Can't wait for the game. Man I'd love to play through it for the first time using the Oculus Rift, but I have feeling this game will be out way before the consumer version or even the dev kit 2 version. :(
I really do hope there's a way to get ultra-clean antialiasing. If nothing else, if the game doesn't allow it, maybe I'll finally try supersampling. :p

At any rate, I am really looking forward to this game. I love the idea of a pretty, mysterious island where you can wander around and solve puzzles without a bunch of enemies to worry about. I get Myst vibes from this.