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New Silent Hill: Book of Memories screens [and trailer]



Vita saved.


Looks like it can be a fun game in it's own right. But does seem like a misuse of the brand.

In any case, I'll give it a shot.
It's been delayed until fall (pretty sure around halloween).

Looking really good. Still doesn't look or feel very silent hillish, but I trust WayForward to make a solid game.
I've warmed to it since it was first revealed. October is far too busy already to make this a day one for me, but when it's cheap enough it's something I'll definitely consider.

Beth Cyra

What the hell is this?

Granted I'm not that big a Silent Hill fan (fav being SM) but even with that said, that give a very good SH impression.


This looks interesting.

As far as it looking like a Silent Hill title, it reminds me of how Outbreak looked to Resident Evil - the same, but different.

I'll be picking this one up, I think.
Hmmm, if this is like Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance on PS2, I'd be pretty interested. Cautiously, I'm going to wait for more previews before I get my hopes up though.
This looks like a mid cycle PS2 game...

If my choice is cranking out multiple ps2 level games a month or 1 uncharted level game every 4 months i'm going to go with the first choice every time when it comes to vita.

Most of my favorite games to date are on ps2 and even just having my ps2 library on vita would be about as amazing a thing I could ask for from a handheld.


This is basically the nightmarish vision I had the first time I heard "Next SH will not be made by Team Silent but rather a western developer." Not the kind if SH inspired nightmare I had in mind.


I'm not even a Silent Hill fan, but when I looked at the screens I literally said "what the fuck"

side note: this is the first time I've seen or even heard about this game


Deep into his 30th decade
For a second I was super excited thinking it was based on the book of mormon, which could be fascinating. I open it up and wonder what the hell I am looking at.
I really wish I could sit in on the brain storming session that came up with this game
and smoke the drugs they were taking when they green lit it

Edit: To clarify, I like the principal behind the story (rewriting your memories), but the gameplay is what baffles me





The one where the girl buys the evil demonic book off ebay and she goes with her goth/punk friends to Silent Hill and then all the monsters come out and kill most of her friends but then she brings them back to life as zombie demon things she commands with her wiccan magic.
After seeing this on my computer and not my phone, I'm really disappointed in the visuals. : (

Still hope it's at least fun to play. WayForward knows their way around a handheld and all.
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