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New Source 2 direct-feed screenshots - Taken from Valve's VR presentation


Extracted from this PDF. JPG compression is strong, unfortunately.

Short GDC 2015 video of the same setting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKK74Wh-J10

Edit: These are screens taken from Valve's GDC 2015 virtual reality demo. Due to VR being performance-hungry, VR demos don't necessarily showcase the best the graphics engine has to offer. See this post by Durante.

EDIT: Yes, the number 3 is indeed scrubbed off:

Yeah, can already see lots of disappointed people in this thread. Those slides aren't good source and it looks different in VR anyway.


Yikes, I'm sure that's just bad screenshots though.


Oh it's VR, expected then I guess. Video looks awesome.


Meh is about all I can muster for those.

Yup. Looks like Source.

Looks nice I guess.. Lighting looks pretty flat, though.

It's probably worth noting that these are renders taken from a VR demo, which is probably a bit more CPU/GPU intensive than your typical PC game.

Am I going blind, or have they genuinely scrubbed out the '3' from this phone?

lmao, that's fantastic.


We can't really tell much by this image. Looks like Source 1.6.

Valve is so weird, they announce a new engine and don't provide us with even a single decent picture.


is responsible for the well-being of this island.
I.. umm.. ahh.. That doesn't look great, to say the least.
These are hardly supposed to be screenshots indicative of what Source 2 games will look like. If you look at the presentation they were just used as examples for the purpose of the presentation.


Felium Defensor
Yeah...not really feeling this. Buuut, when you see the shit get taken apart in front of your face and rotated it's pretty cool. We still have a long way to go, that's for sure.


Am I going blind, or have they genuinely scrubbed out the '3' from this phone?
I don't see it either. Now we're going to have to spend a week deconstructing this image, playing it in an audio program to recieve a link to
Ricochet 2
People should read the presentation and others' impressions of the demo. This is about VR rendering, not what Source 2 is really capable of in a desktop environment.
Nothing incredibly impressive, but it looks like it's basically just showing that it's compatible with original source engine assets....

Not really gonna judge till we see something in motion.


*Puts on tinfoil hat*
According to the clock there valve will be releasing something on 12/17
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