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New sport is on the rise with US teens

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Giard said:
Still, there's a difference between killing a human being and killing an animal. I'm pretty sure I would be much more affected by murdering someone than I do right now fishing.

There is because we identify ourselves as humans. But I know many serial killers start off by torturing animals and then work their up the evolutionary chain. :)
dark_chris said:
I agree.
Inciting fear works.
That soft shit is not good.

Fear works. :)
I don't get pissed at a lot of stuff on this board, but you have no ****ing clue what you're talking about.

I've lived in horrible neighborhoods and I can tell you that this mentality is what keeps people in the ghetto.

Every time I ride the A train, I see some mother talking on her cell phone in a heated discussion choc-full of cursing, interrupting it only to shout at her kid, pushing him to sit down when all the poor kid wants to do is turn around and look at the water as he's riding over the bridge.

You should look at the fear in the kid's eyes.

That fear turns into ****ing shackles and bars that keep him in the same crappy apartment, in the same crappy line of work, on the same smelly A train, and treating his kids the same crappy way. And if he didn't commit some crimes in his life, one of his kids will.


Flynn said:
Penny Arcade just posted a letter from one of the parents.

I hope to God they got confirmation that this person is who they say they are.
If that is confirmed, that kid is a sociopath, very obviously so. Needs to be locked up for everyones good, there is no known way of curing them.


Setec Astronomer
Ranger X said:
Well no because people in this society do fear there may be some fraction of a percentage of justice error and that MAYBE an innocent could die.
Meanwhile, there's TONS of ex-prisonners commiting a second murder...
Yeah, ok, that's why you jail them and solve both problems. Death penalty is not the only means of punishment. :p


Absolutely pathetic part deux
Hitokage said:
Yeah, ok, that's why you jail them and solve both problems. Death penalty is not the only means of punishment. :p

Death Penality also costs more than to put these kids in jail for life and feed them everyday during their sentence. A lot more.
silly kids...why inflict such a thing...recognise that to give fear to another person is easy...why do such a thing? Some kids these days are just mindless drones... Show some empathy...society becomes to bound up with maintream trendy perceptions....

Im the sort of person who believes that I must get ahead in this world through my own effort and ability...that it is very important to have strength of character, knowledge and ability in this world...but I dont look down on those desititute...society needs empathy, this world isnt always easy, once you leave your comfort zone

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