New Tales of Graces f English Screenshots

Gonna put in my pre-order at GameStop today since I'll be picking up Trinity Souls in the process.

Can't wait for this. Got two DS3s ready so me and my bro can play. We've been playing the Tales series in co-op since Symphonia.


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Gosh I really hope my JP DLC works. I really really do. Gotta love that Haseo.

I think the OT title should be something about how gaf is promoting this game more so than even Namco themselves.
I really want to make some stupid ad for this game now. |OT| GAF Ads > NB Ads
Well I'm actually pretty excited. Have'nt played a Tales game by this team before and the characters actually look pretty cool.

That said those screens look pretty meh and Namco's handling has been pretty poor. Games come out in a few weeks and hardly any English footage.
I'll be playing this with my brother. I was already hyped, but after showing him battle footage and the titles system, he's also very excited.

I've got the game pre-ordered from planetaxel, anyone know if they are quick when it comes to shipping (to Europe)?