New trailer for The Division (3 minutes)

Not sure what all is going on, but it looks pretty cool. Seems to be all team orientated gameplay which is not my cup of tea, but I'm glad to see Ubisoft make something that seems interesting at the very least.
I don't know any Italian but that was pretty good!

Guessing it is showing personal base building, multiplayer social area, dungeons and PVP?

All of that sounds pretty good hopefully there is a decent amount of content as well. I'm already intrigued with the loot system as you can modify weapons with accessories and what not.
Holy crap... this is the first time that this game has looked even remotely interesting to me, and it looks AMAZING!

Did we know about all these abilities and gadgets before? Makes the gameplay look very class-balance based, which is fantastic. Looks like the gameplay of Fuse in a better MMO style form.

The NPCs and social environments look fantastic and interesting as well...

Seriously, this has gone from complete zero to Day Zero for me. I may even pre-order it just because of this trailer... I'm floored.

For whatever reason, all I can think of is Fuse when I look at this.
Me too and I love it.