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New World invincibility exploit uses an elite hacking technique called 'dragging the window around a bit.'


Sep 13, 2007
Brooklyn, NY
New World players have discovered an apparent invincibility exploit that's easy to perform: You just have to switch to windowed mode and drag the game window around. While repositioning the New World window, players enter a state of suspended animation, and as the above video from Kona shows, can't be killed.

When the player releases the window and their character returns to the server's reality, their invulnerability ends and the accumulated damage hits them like the finale of a Fist of the North Star pressure point attack. As Kona points out, though, that doesn't make the exploit useless, because it can theoretically be used to become an unkillable presence on a capture point during PvP wars.

Two of PC Gamer's New World players tested the trick and confirmed that it works, at least to some degree. From the perspective of the attacking player, damage is being dealt to the player using the exploit, but once they reach zero health they don't die, standing in place until they let go of the window. One of our testers was also able to use the trick to jump off a cliff and then freeze in midair from the perspective of the other player.

Now that the exploit has been discovered by the community, many are calling on Amazon to either squash it or put a freeze on in-game wars. Otherwise, companies might use the exploit in battle to win territory and gain a significant advantage. Because wars cost gold to fight and the victor gets a serious economic boost, there's a lot riding on them.
Video of the exploit in action:

Apparently it's causing a lot of havoc in-game as more players and factions become aware of it and use it to win Territory. Factions Wars are already a giant mess because of various issues like people getting mass reported and auto-banned before Wars so they can't attend.

This is only the latest embarrassing development for the game. This is FAR from a comprehensive list of issues with the game but its clear that this game needed a lot more time in the oven:
- they originally promised that players would be able to transfer servers between regions but reneged, causing many players to quit the game entirely because they didn't want to grind all over again on a new region
- they had to turn off Rush PvP (the PvP Wars mentioned above are different) because players would get stuck outside of the game area, causing them to lose access to their characters entirely until Amazon fixes them manually
- According to endgame players, the endgame is completely broken because the item required to loot endgame chests doesn't function if you log off

Combine all these issues (and more) with the fact that the game is a mostly rote and monotonous grind from level 20 and on (generic fetch quests combined with low enemy variety and spammy combat make for a very boring time IMO) and you can understand why the game has lost almost 50% of its playerbase in 3 weeks. As of this writing, at 8pm on a Tuesday in New York, only 1 server is at capacity (2000 players) and over 100 servers are completely empty.

If you feel like you've got your $40 worth, then I'm happy for you. But, personally, I'd expect more than 3 weeks of playtime from an MMO...

Having said that, it's still a successful launch on paper, but it seems pretty clear to me that this MMO doesn't have the longevity people hope for in an MMO.
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Spice Spice Baby
Jul 15, 2020
Haven't really been doing much pvp, so hopefully this gets fixed. I like the game, but mounts would be a huge upgrade. I'll wait patiently and see how things go. But this has been an issue for several people I've seen.
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Oct 13, 2014
People do PvP? In my twenty odd hours with the game I've met only FIVE people having PvP enabled and I was questing/farming in enemy territory.

The PvP quests were a joke... my buddy and I walked to the point we had to... "defend"... and no one was there. They need some kind of match making when taking these quests or more populated servers or need to enable PvP by default for all players after level 10. I mean... it was supposed to be a PvP game, right? The poor writing and quests speak volumes that it is NOT meant to be a PvE/story-driven game. So why would you want to play this game other than PvP? I mean, there's so many MMOs that have better PvE but most of them have instanced PvP or duel-PvP that doesn't matter/has not impact on the world. So the PvP approach of NW is quite good... but for some reason people LOVE to grind the shit out of crafting skills and doing boring quests instead.