New Yoshi title announced for Wii U! (Looks like Yoshi: Epic Yarn)

I can only hope it's not babby's first platformer like Kirby's Epic Yarn.
Says the guy with the Journey avatar (most simple platformer ever), who can't even spell the word baby.

I'd be happy with another Epic Yarn, but much more satisfied with a full out Mario World 2-2.
Based on Epic Yarn? *sigh*

Well I can only hope visuals are the only thing based on it but I doubt it. Epic Yarn is pretty bad (too easy mainly) compared to the AAA platformers from Nintendo.
The style was beautiful on Wii with Kirby's Epic Yarn so it should be even better on Wii U.

As easy as Epic Yarn was, I did enjoy the game greatly (though I paid almost nothing for it). Hopefully this one is a more traditional platformer in terms of difficulty. I'm not expecting NSMBU levels but maybe something more akin to Yoshi's Island.

From the footage and screen it's not just going to be 2D. There are 3D Planes in there so the game will have a lot of 2.5D stuff going on.
Oh...Oh, Lord...Its preciousness has bypassed my every defense!

Ah, who am I kidding? I'm a sucker for cuteness and tweeness. Yoshi's my favorite character in the Super Mario series, so, basically, I'm glad that no one can see me weeping right now. IT'S BEAUTIFUL!

(I do think pastels work better for Yoshi and yarn for Kirby Of The Star, based on their storytelling styles. It's still a wonder, though, and Good-Feel is the best.)
Just like with Kirby's Epic Yarn, I absolutely adore the graphics of this game and it looks just plain beautiful.

Unfortunately, I feel that Good Feel just doesn't make very engaging or challenging gameplay in their games (Wario, Kirby) so I'm going to probably hold off on this game until I hear good word of mouth on it's overall gameplay/fun/challenge.
So, which footage shows their hopes for the actual game? The first couple seconds look just like they imported Yoshi into Kirby's Epic Yarn. But, towards the end they show a couple really nice looking HD screens.
I didn't understand anything Iwata said, but I got the impression they began to code the game using Kirby's Epic Yarn's engine and art style, and have eventually adjusted it to its own thing...

Or is this literally Yoshi's Epic Yarn? :/


paid requisite penance
Really disappointing so far, and with very confusing communication at that. Is the footage supposed to be some kind of WIP footage? Looks like it since the screenshots look nothing like the footage and Iwata says they want the game to be a graphics showcase.
Not digging the art style tbh. At first it looked like a worse version of Kirby's Epic Yarn. I feel like it could be good if it were more visually intensive (As in, more going on int he environments). But as it stands, the environments were very simple.

This screen looks alright:
But thats about it.
kirbys epic yarn was incredible, and this literally looks exactly like it- sold
Damn straight!

Funny side note for those saying it's a kiddy platform - holding onto all the beads in order to unlock the secret levels in each world drove my wife to her first game rage ever. It was the meta knight boss fight and she kept losing all her beads and said she wasn't going to bother finishing it.

But she came back, did it, and finished the game.

Yoshi's Epic Yarn = day 1 buy and has convinced me, among other Direct announcements, to get a Wii U this year.
so wait

Why are they showing epic yard style gameplay and mock up in a different style.. I'm confused...

I just hope it's not a sign of Nintendo rehashing assets in every games now.