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New Zealand gun lobby backs ban after Christchurch mosques attack


Dec 18, 2010
washington d.c.
In this case my goal would not to be to convince you, but to make an example of people like you with mediocre rebuttals so that people with critical thinking skills can really get to the bottom of what's going on. So I guess thanks for the contribution?

That’s good because you’re not convincing. You’re tired argument is the epitome of mediocre, it’s could almost be copy and paste. No ban or control will stop someone intent on doing harm, with firearms or something else. The Oklahoma City bombing is proof of that. Right to bear arms is one of the keystone items in the constitution. You really think a firearm ban or stricter checks would have stopped the New Zealand guy?


Gold Member
Dec 3, 2013
Here in brazil we banned weapons years ago. It's paradise on earth. Trust me.

I think Brazil single-handedly alone keeps Liveleak in business, at least that's a running joke in their comment sections.

China with a close second with driving and workplace accidents.
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