Newegg: Gran Turismo 6 (PS3) listed for November 28th release date


This should really be a PS4 title, terrible decision by Sony if this is PS3 only, especially around a PS4 release that isn't backwards compatible, and is likely to send DriveClub to its death if it is in fact a PS4 launch title and comes out around the same time.
Sony no ;-; I want it on my PS4.

In any case I can't believe they'd release it so close to the PS4 launch and only on the PS3. Competes with Drive Club and would prevent many people from immediately purchasing a PS4.
With GT5 being my most played game this gen, just give this straight to my veins. I don't care for what console it is, I want it.

GT5 got so much support from polyphony, they made it the best they could with patches, but it is done and I don't see any way they can improve it further. I feel like it's time for a new Gran Turismo.
Sony: Guys, GT5 took way too long to release. This cannot happen again!

Polyphony: Ok, we'll make sure that GT6 is ready when the PS4 launches.

Sony: That'd be awesome guys!



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GT6 around the time the PS4 will be released?
To remind us where the game should've been :(

had they done things right GT5P would've been GT5, and GT5 2.0 would have been GT6