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Next best 3D Mario game after Super Mario 3D Land?


I am currently playing Odyssey and it's very nice, it's fun and pretty wacky, although far too open and explorey compared to the 3DS title which I regard as the best 3D Mario game I've played. I haven't played many 3D Mario games so am I missing anything close to 3D Land?

What do you consider the best 3D Mario? I guess 64 will be mentioned a lot but surely that is nostalgia? Does it really hold up?

I have a portable Switch and also have 3D world + Bowser's Fury though it doesn't come close to 3D Land imo. It's weirdly zoomed out.
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I haven't played many 3D Mario games so am I missing anything close to 3D Land?
3D World, obviously.

The Galaxy games are far less exploratory and more focused than Odyssey as well.

They're all top notch, I guess only Mario 64 might feel outdated. 64, Sunshine and Odyssey are the more explorey but they all have the clever, fun pure platforming parts.
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3D world doesn't come close imo. It's borderline not fun.
You're right, it's far worse than 3D Land because 3D Land is built for stereoscopic 3D, remove it and the camera is kind of shit.

All 3D Mario games are good but you'd probably like Galaxy 2 the most because it's the closest to 3D Land in structure.


3D world is probably the next best and possibly my fav Mario game tbh and I found Odyssey to be decent but not amazing

However, 3D land is one I’d love a remaster of on switch tbh, it was a really good attempt of a Traditional Mario game in 3D,

If you haven’t already, you may be better suited going back to 64 and the galaxy games, especially if you like odyssey


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3D World is my favourite Mario game, but forWii U. Didn't like the speed increase nobody asked for in the first place.
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I thought 3D World was insanely good, but I played it back on Wii U. Remember it was made for a console on a TV with multiple players on-screen, I can see it seeming zoomed out and weird on a little portable device.

I didn't like the presentation and theme as much, the overly kiddy catsuit stuff and meows were a bit overboard lol, it's the only Mario game that gets to dangerously high Fisher-Price levels for me, but I didn't really care because I loved the blend of 2D and 3D conventions with multiplayer co-op. Just thinking of the first time you fight Bowser in his hot rod with the metal riffs makes me want to play it again.


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3D World is great, I finally got all the stars and stamps and golden flags to unlock the last stages. It’s quality throughout
I rank Bowser's Fury right near the top. It's basically perfect and was pure joy the entire way through. I know some will be disappointed with the length, but if you prefer quality to quantity it might be the best.

Galaxy and 64 are also fantastic. It's a tough battle between those three for me.


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I really loved 3D Land.

3D World was fine, I didnt like it at first but Cooped with with my son which helped. 3D land was much better.

Galaxy 1 is still the king of "linear 3D" IMO.


For what you're looking for, I would say absolutely Galaxy 2. But galaxy 1 is a great place to start if you can get your hands on that 3D collection for Switch. It's worth it for Galaxy 1 alone
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3D World + Bowser's Fury.


(I don't even understand why you're saying it's weak, 3D Land seems like a Beta once you played 3D World)
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Best : galaxy or 64
Worst : 3d world

Most refreshing: bowsers fury
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The best is a toss up between mario galaxy 1 and 2.

Mario 64 certainly holds up control wise though the level design and additional mechanics over the years afterwards have made it seem simple and dated by comparison, though only compared with galaxy and odyssey. However the simple act of controlling mario, and the running momentum is pretty much timeless. You should play mario 64.

The only one i’d say to skip is sunshine.

If you decide to play 3d world, play it on Wii U if possible. They completely fucked the movement speed on the switch version among other issues… but bowsers fury is a good add on that stands on its own. It’s just a really short game.
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