Next-gen Racing Graphics Face-off | (Next-gen means current-gen)

This game is absolutely bonkers. The interior of the house is rendered as images on the walls, but convincingly so with bump maps and shading, the interior lights including lamps come on at night. The seasonal changes are extremely well executed, everything changes, branches have snow on them, things look frosted, it must have taken ages to implement at this level of detail. I live in the middle of Canada and see snow 6 months of the year and I've never seen winter done this well.

This shot looks good, but in motion it's another level entirely. Snow is falling in a fluttery way, it creates ripple in the puddle which is covering ice. Both surfaces are reflecting so I'm getting a stereo reflection, my headlights are casting shadows off everything in front of the car for about an 1/8th mile. It's all running at 60fps at 4K and my PC isn't running as hard as a night race in FM7.

Draw distances are insane. I pulled the drone back to see how long before my car ghosted out. If you look between the house and the small tree, you can see the General and the cabin from the previous shot. It still has lit tail lights, and the sun is still affecting the paint.

The headlights are impressive too, it's a step up from what FM7 did, and the scale is an order of magnitude above as well. Casting shadows and lighting stuff up for huge distances. Things like grass aren't affected, but everything else from rubble from broken fences to small bushes are. In motion smashing through things at night looks amazing.

Ive been following this thread, viewing pics mostly on my phone. Seeing gameplay shots of GT looks good and almost equal to the FM7 or FH shots. Now I just viewed on my PC on my 27" monitor and WOW what a difference, the crappy textures, aliasing, and 2d cut outs make it look like a ps3 game in gameplay shots. There really is no comparison. FH7 at 4k wipes the floor with it, let alone FH4 which even at 1080p looks miles better.

You really cant judge any of these pics by looking on your phone.

More FH4 shots please! Some gameplay ones too
According to digital foundry, FH4 on X1X runs at an equivelant of Ultra settings on PC on 4k mode, and mostly ultra and some high on 60fps mode. Interstingly, the trees were said to look better in the distant on X1X over PC! Really impressive stuff by the X

So I was messing around with the drone in winter, and I ran across a string of discoveries.

Your drone leaves tracks in the snow, as do the sheep.

Then I discovered the sheep run away from the drone too, but are still afraid of the car. Using the drone and car you can confuse them causing them to freak out.

I then discovered that as my car was sitting the snow accumulated on it and turned into ice. I walk out to this crap every morning in the early part of winter. I hate it, but it's a great detail.

If you catch the sheep/deer/etc in your headlights, their eyes glow, but only the pupils and only from dead-on. I already knew the sheep had thicker wool in the winter, but the attention given to them is just silly.

I just spent two hours of this game without moving the car...
All of these shots look amazing, im joulus sitting here with my brick Xb1. Are thoughs shots from X or PC?
I'm using a PC, but the honest truth is most of what I'm posting will look the same on X1X. I'm only getting more MSAA samples, some draw distance improvements, and things like LOD changes happen further away. My biggest benefit is the frame-rate. With everything set to extreme (or as high as possible, some settings stop before then) I'm locked at 60 at 4K limited by my monitor.
It looks like Horizon is using CA, it's what I'm seeing from the left side mirror here, this is definitely not MB, though some side detail looks a bit blurred too, like reduced detail at times in the environment.... through mirrors et al.....Detail in the rear view mirror looks much sharper, that's for sure...

same TOD


gameplay models

Nice comparison, GT looks leagues ahead. Cars, lighting foliage, asphalt detail are just in another league. Your last two shots speaks to the particles/dust/gravel effects I always speak of that's so good in GT. Yet that lightning...….Look at the pic showing the red car in GT and two cars ahead, look at how the sun hits the right side of that second car (the blue one) and then a bit more subtly the car ahead, which seems to be a bit more occluded from the sun by the trees. This is just lighting perfection....

So forget about all the shading details GT does better, better PBR and general ATD, the lighting is just on another level and it's the reason why GT is the only game that fools people into believing it's a live race or real at times, it's that good. I shudder to think of what PD will do with Navi hardware and a good CPU at 4K....These guys easily outshine others who work on superior hardware....
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I’m still trying to find the “catch” with FH4. Usually with open world games there’s a sizeable graphical compromise somewhere, but I’m just not finding it. It’s unbelievable how it manages to look so good so consistently.
And Horizon DOES use CA. Though its not as if you've found some secret. The option is there in the settings to toggle it on/off. But if you had the game youd know that

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Is there a way to take screenshots that don't look super dull when you're playing in HDR? I used the photo mode and the pictures turn out like this:
It could be what you're seeing with the HDR active differs from what a regular TV would shot. Can you deactivate HDR and try taking another shot to see how it comes out.

PC Photo Mode

Gameplay Shots DC vs Horizon Foliage Comparison....."Cars in shot in both games btw"





More DC Foliage Shots....JPG's btw, I think that was before PNG's, so it looks even better.....In essence, the foliage in DC is way superior in terms of detail and authenticity, that's on top of the lighting and how it bounces off and through it, with properly casted shadows et al.

Of course we all know DC crushes in motion......but below are some vids of GTS in gameplay and replay. "In motion" the way we the best replays in the business...

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Check out the levitating trees on the left. Unmatched attention to detail!

The whole shot is horrendous. The textures are horrible the AF goes about a metre from the car before everything becomes one solid colour. The lighting is really bad, trees look ok but nowhere near Horizon levels. I mean if this is a shot youre using to compare to Horizon youre done lol

The whole shot is horrendous. The textures are horrible the AF goes about a metre from the car before everything becomes one solid colour. The lighting is really bad, trees look ok but nowhere near Horizon levels. I mean if this is a shot youre using to compare to Horizon youre done lol

Do you have any idea how much sweat , blood and tears he had to pour in to find the best pic.