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Next mainline Assassin's Creed (after infinity) is set in Japan via Jeff Grubb


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i thought Infinity is going to be a gaas game, if it does well and makes a lot of money i cant see Ubisoft making good SP ones anymore just like Rockstar, no need to if your making bank, i hope Infinity fails personally as i do like AC SP games.

Saucy Papi

I'm confused...

How does Infinity exist and there still be standalone AC games afterwards...?
It sounds like Infinity will be the beginning of a "hub" for all future AC games with different time periods added throughout the years. Similar to how The Division 2 has had content added since inception. Maybe he's referring to the next time period after the Aztecs or whatever the current rumor is.


I want ancient Rome. A game focused entirely on ancient Athens in extreme detail would be my dream, but it is impossible after Odissey. At least we have that.


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Assassins creed is a special series and is in position to pick any historical era they want not many games or genres can do that.


Aztec AC would be cool. This? Meh, I got my fix with Ghost of Tsushima and it's very likely to get a sequel as well.


Would of preferred the Aztec/Mayan setting, but we have had a lot of feudal Japan set games recently so i'm not that surprised.
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Reizo Ryuu

Next AC IS AC:RIFT, it features Basim, so it's a sequel to valhalla, which makes it as "mainline" as any other AC in the franchise.
AC: Infinity is going to feature multiple periods and places, so yes japan could be one of them, the game itself won't be "set" in any locale specifically.


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Love how suddenly all "leakers" come out of the woodworks about the next AC and they all tell a different story.


Would much rather Baghdad, but it seems like all these “insiders” are really just trying one up each other at this point regardless of the rumours likelihood.
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