NFL Off-Season |OT2| My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Draft

In this radio interview, former New Orleans safety Darren Sharper said he doesn’t think any suspensions or fines are warranted for players involved in the Saints’ bounty program. Sharper said he doesn’t believe there’s been enough proof shown that a bounty program existed.
In other news, Darren Sharper is blind.
I really doubt the Cowboys cut Felix. I mean with Demarco likely getting the bulk of the carries Felix can be that change of pace back, the role where he has always excelled most. And its not like the Cowboys are paying him a lot either.
At least my Alma Matter won't be a complete laughing stock when it comes to integrity!

Seriously this was the best solution. Arkansas is known for like 3 things. Bill Clinton, Walmart, and the Razorbacks. It'd make the entire state look bad if we kept him on.
I need something to watch while trying to fall asleep. Guys, hit me with your BEST football videos. Don't care about specific teams or players or periods, I just wanna be entertained.

Please, no torn ACL/Lost Super Bowl videos