NHL October 2017 [OT]- Kneelin' and dealin'

Go Caps! We are going to take the cup this year!

we probably won't make the playoffs :-(
what is the mood like in Washington this year? Maybe having some of the pressure off after two disappointing seasons could actually help them. They will be an interesting team to watch.
MacKinnon revenge tour begins Thursday, incoming 40 goal season yoooo (for Rantanen)

(Tampa vs Edmonton is my prediction in the finals... so go ahead and guarantee neither of them make it lol)
Armstrong needs to go. Wasting spots on washed-up gritlords who have negative value, just because you are familiar with them. Upshall solves zero problems for the Blues, except Armstrong's apparent need to surround himself with talentless grinders that he knows. I wish he would leave and derail some other team and waste some other superstar's prime.

Same shit different year for this bush-league ass joke of a team. Unfortunately I can't even look foward to critical media for catharsis, because small market sports journalism is toothless, and everyone will just jerk Upshall off for being a voice in 'da room.'

Upshall sucks. Armstrong sucks. The Blues suck. Fuck hockey.