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Ni no Kuni II King's & Prince's Editions revealed (Game will have a season pass)



Apparently, Bandai Namco Asia posted this on social media and quickly deleted the post.

Update: North American Special Editions

High-res boxart

Special Swords DLC



That seems like a really good collector's edition, mainly for the making of blu-ray, artbook and vinyl record.

Nice box/disc art too.

Season pass need to wait for details on.
Oooh the music box is really cool. Don't know if I can justify a collectors edition these days but I'd certainly be tempted. Probably cost over £100 too.


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Bandai Namco will use the excellent Digital River like last time's Ni no Kuni Wizard's Edition, right?

. . .

EDIT: Good news, apparently BN doesn't use them to process orders off their site anymore.


That's almost certainly going to be outrageously expensive. Wish I could get an edition with just the steelbox and the vinyl record. I just don't have any interest in figurines I'll never actually display.
That steel book is sick. Don't know how much it costs but it coming with a legit art book, and not the usual snippet bullshit I'm so used to seeing in collectors editions, is nice.


Too bad for a season pass, hopefully the content is worth it. I have no desire to get collector edition but I'm a sucker for meaty making of, hopefully you can buy it as a standalone.


Gorgeous steelbook.

Also generally okay (optimistic even) when it comes to season passes for RPGs, at least when they're providing content that feels like it isn't missing from the main game
(and not stopping to go THIS IS WHERE THE DLC WILL BE GUYS like FFXV)


Oh no, I grabbed the Wizard edition and this is is even sexier, might grab this if it isn't a million bucks.


Really a season pass for this type of game?
Do people still don't understand what Season Passes are? It's just a way of buying every DLC at once, often a bit cheaper than if you buy all DLC separately. You could also just wait for details on the DLC and only buy those that interest you. Or is your issue that a singleplayer RPG has DLC at all? That doesn't have to be a bad thing, there are more than enough good examples at this point. DLC won't go away. It makes sense business-wise and also gives you more content to enjoy months later if you liked a game.
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