Ni no Kuni II postponed until Jan 19 2018

As much as I would love to have had it come out this year, in reality I probably wouldn't have gotten around to playing it until next year anyway.
My heart is sorry but my wallet says thank you. I would have bought it day one but after that crazy October it would have hurt. Now November and December are empty for me (maybe will get Battlefront 2 though) so I might be able to get a Switch for Christmas.
Move it to feb is better i feel... Jan everyone still playing holiday gifts? But maybe they also have holiday cards burning holes in pockets
If they took those two months to add familiars back in I would go from being cautiously optimistic to all-in on this game.
..though that's obviously not happening, lol.


Wildcard berths that can't beat teams without a winning record should have homefield advantage
No issues with this whatsoever. Still excited.

Perhaps we can get a re-release of the first one for PS4 in the meantime?
Although it's a game I'm looking forward to there's so much other things coming out around it's release time that I don't mind this and maybe even prefer it.
Noooo!! One of the only games i wanted this holiday ☹️☹️ Also they cut the multiplayer after announcing not too long ago? Thats weird

Edit: ah, he misunderstood the question and everyone just ran with it. Still weird it took them this long to clarify