Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch |OT|

Excellent OT Ultros, nice and simple.

Edit: It looks like some folks want to know if the game is good. Copy-pasting from a GFAQs thread on some sources to read:
-Famitsu = 36/40 (38/40 for DS version)

-RPGLand = Legendary (equal to 10/10) (only the 4th game to ever receive it from them)

-Playstation Lifestyle = 10/10

-GameMasters UK = 95/100

-Official Playstation Magazine UK = 9/10

-GamePro Germany = 93/100

-Official PlayStation Magazine Benelux = 87/100

-Game Informer = 7/10
To those getting the Wizard Edition: are you going to open it? This limited edition is incredibly rare, and you could easily get a vanilla copy to play.


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Got the Wizard's Edition on lockdown since back in August... can't believe it's coming so soon! Now if I can just finish up P4 before it lands on my doorstop... hopefully it won't take very long to ship.
All the excitement about collector editions has left me feeling kinda left out, as I can't spend more than the $60 base price. But I'll be damned if I'm not hyped about this game regardless. Been starving for an HD JRPG that looks and plays like this. Bring it, next week!


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In summary:
  • Dialogue is cheesy
  • Too many enemies
  • Boss battles too cheap
  • Save points too limited
  • "old-school RPG mechanics"
Did they talk about why it was cheesy, was the story okay regardless? I haven't played a jrpg since skies of arcadia on dreamcast, which brings back vmu memories. Anyway, I'm still looking forward to this unless the story is poor.
I have it preordered in the hope that it ends this JRPG generation on a high note, because there weren't so many but this game seems to bring together many elements I used to like in old-skool JRPGS and covers it in a beautiful art-style.
To those getting the Wizard Edition: are you going to open it? This limited edition is incredibly rare, and you could easily get a vanilla copy to play.
I bought it so I could use/read the book, so yeah. I have no interest in collecting.
What's the point of having an unopened artbook and soundtrack?

I'm going to open it without question..
Yeah, definitely opening my copy. I bought it for the amazing hard bound book. Also, I've never bought anything to keep it sealed in a shelf for it's "rare" value.
I'm looking forward to reading impressions about this. Didn't get to play the demo nor do I think I'll get to play it at launch because of ps3 hard drive issues, but this may be a great Summer game purchase for me. I love the Ghibli art!


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Wish I could participate in the hype and play the game on launch :(
Courtesy of GAFer @Square_Triangle:
I really...really like the steelbook, but it's way too much trouble to pre-order the game at EBGames, get the steelbook, and then later return the copy. If I weren't getting the Wizard's Edition I'd already have my copy pre-ordered [for the steelbook], but since I am...ugh!

Why does the Wizard's Edition have to lack a steelbook of any kind? :(
Will be my first JRPG in forever, was hyped since it got announced. Is this game supposed to be somewhat challenging?

Also, didn't know about the american Wizard's Edition :( Does someone know how much there are of the european one?
Long as I can skip cutscenes, and there is a save point before a boss. I don't care. That is what sucked in some games having to rewatch a scene many a time over cause you can't skip it if the boss beats you.