NieR: Automata – You’re going to buy it, right?

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Great Thread OP!

I'm so goddamn ready

It's Yoko Taro and Kamiya making a game together.

Kamiya isn't involved in the development of this game
Probably not immediately. I loved the demo and I love Nier but I don't think I want to drop $60 on anything for a while. That, and I don't like Platinum's silence on the PC version.


Maybe. Not a fan of the art and the combat isn't as deep as I'd like it to be. I do think that game is gonna be good but I'm just not that interested in it.


Oh yeah, Im getting it for sure. Getting the Japanese version so only a short wait for it for me. The next few weeks with now playing RE7, then Nioh, then Nier, Horizon and Zelda will be insane. But I'm particularly very interested in Nier especially after playing the demo. Its going to be a blast.


Day-one, I'm cautiously optimistic. I love Nier, but it is the only decent game he worked on. The Drakengard series is garbage.

Nier was also a truly special game, it's hard to imagine they'll be able to replicate it, even if the gameplay will be better probably.

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Well congratulations! You got yourself caught!
Devola and Popola already confirmed? I mean its a Nier game so expected, but didn't know that it was already revealed.


I'll probably get it after I finish Persona 5/Sky 3rd/Zelda BotW, assuming the PC version is good.

Between those three games, i'll have my hands full for a while.

Not having GCU for PC games, and the fact I purchase almost everything multiplatform on PC first means that i'll be waiting a bit anyways.

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Absolutely loved the demo and everything surrounding this game. Sadly right now I'm out of work but as soon I'm employed again this will be the first game I pick up 100%.
Yes! That demo was enough to convince me ten times over. My copy is pre-ordered and not even Zelda will stop me from playing it.


Bought the Black Box edition. I don't believe it's worth the price, but it's a small price to pay for a game that has no reason to exist, but does. I've been a fan of Drakengard/Nier since the very beginning. Would pay a shit ton to see it continue.
I want to buy it after I loved that demo

But I've got the last guardian and gravity Rush 2 just sitting there still unplayed. Sorry platinum, you're going to have to qait


Short answer is yes and long answer is hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll yesssssssssssssssssssssss.


I refuse to preorder anything, but unless the reviews say it's actual cancer I'll get it a day or two after it's out.


Day one. It's one of my most wanted game for this year along with Zelda and Persona.

The coming months are gonna be good.
I want it but I'm not sure about that price since most games drop very fast.

How many playable characters does it have?

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My title suggestion from the demo thread was pretty well liked. There was a lot of curiosity over the ending since it seems like
2B and 9S self destruct
leading to questions of who we are playing as in the main game and such.

2B and 9S are canonically dead. You play as that other girl the whole game.

Oh my, if this actually happened, that would be quite something. Personally I thought they'd either get magically saved, or they'd just get replaced with exact replicas.

Man, if they really do pull a MGS2 with 2B and 9S.

I could see that actually happening considering who is directing this game.

NieR: Automata |OT| 2B or not 2B?


have it on pre-order. was gonna cancel and wait on a sale. decided not to just yet, was flip-flopping. post-this thread? its a lock-in. day 1.

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Not at launch. I'm going to wait until a significant price drop since I don't see it selling very well and I've already got a lot to play.
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